#20 “Five Years” by David Bowie

I’m not a huge Bowie fan, but when he’s good he’s incredible. “Five Years” is about how people react when they learn that there will only be half a decade left to the life of the earth. The best line in the whole song is when Bowie sings to us directly and says “don’t think you knew you were in this song.”

#19 “Dance into the Light” by Phil Collins

This is what people who hate Phil Collins are talking about! They can tolerate Phil when he’s angry and singing about letting people drown, but they can’t stand it when he’s happy. Personally, I love happy Phil! After the very depressing Both Sides album, this title track off his next CD was a breath of fresh air, and gave a 16 year old me hope that things were going to get better.

#18 “Daniel” by Elton John

My daughter, Emily, didn’t scream and fuss all night when she was a baby, I was very lucky in that way. She would only wake me up once a night, and I would sleepily pick her up and hold her and sing to her. For whatever reason, “Daniel” was the only song I could ever remember when I was groggy, and so I sang this song to her every night for the first year of her life.

#17 “Like A Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan

I can think of a couple of people I would apply this song to. Basically, this is the ultimate “fuck you” song (even more so than “Fuck You”). Its about somebody who was treated badly and watches as the shallow, callous person who hurt him falls on hard times without anyone to help them out. Its very satisfying, in a spiteful kind of way.

#16 “Let it Be” by The Beatles

I’m actually not a huge Beatles fan. I like a lot of their music, but this is the only track of theirs that I love. Its just so hopeful and inspiring, its practically a hymn. Hell, its better than any hymn I ever heard.

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