Not only am I going to welcome all you Decaying Zombies and Swamp Swingers, but this is finally the last chapter to the mini blog series of Horror Movies Sub-Genres and to be honest . . . I couldn’t be any happier for it. It is has been a blast to open this old coffin of horror movies and breaking them apart in telling why their good in their own rights. It has been fun and this is great to how to end it.



To that, let’s ride this shriek train to last station home, shall we?





Suspense horrors:




The Healing (2012 Film); for a film like this, it doesn’t seem all that bad. Until finding out that title is the biggest plot twist ever, how so is another matter all together, but it makes it works! This really plays on what is real and what is not, who is friend and who is foe. Was everything a lie or the truth that relies on a heavy mixture of the two, until so blended; you just ended up choking on it. It’s a master piece to look at, everyone in it plays their roles as fitted, the sets and plot was wonderful placed as once and make the view of what is happen more enjoyable. It falters in some places, to that as finding small cracks in glass gem, not a lot but adds something to it. This film could be at most something to own or to at least watch once.

File:The Healing (film).jpg

4.7 Out of 5




Paranoiac (1963 Film); a film like this is a just a wonderful watch. The dark turns, sights, the cast are all just bone chilling and make it worth every second they can. Falters there are for only in age of dated chances, but make up for it in story and subject matter. To this movie made with a blood pumping heart running on steam, it is just so glories. Suspense in place in all told in action and words. Horror is just faithful servant to the end. Pace in all of this will have you at the edge of your seat and most likely reeling back when soon the finally impacts come to a close.

File:Paranoiac movie poster.jpg

4.9 Out of 5




Adhey Kangal/Same Eyes (1967 Film); going to aim this movie as an all-around cock-tease through and through, yet, at least the foreplay is worth it through the whole film . . . not saying this is a porn, so get your brain out the gutter. Comparing this film to what is on now, would not be worth it, for it is a film of all its own . . . and sells it. The acting is good, falters in some ways but does what it can. The choice of setting for this film, as well the opening is wonderful. Turning an everyday moment into just a devil’s play day, or just having plain fun going the areas that yes they happen get over it or that was awesome to see. A once try at least.

3.5 Out of 5




Truth about Kerry (2010-11 Film {Facts for a year different for that it was made one year, notice in another}); where to start with this film other than, the just simple fact that maybe for that it is a beautifully done to its finest moments. So much love went into making this. Cast may come off odd to some accounts but only makes the film the more eerie as it passes on. How everything is falling into place, with every turn there is, the more the story comes together. Up the ending, this will weaken the heart for everything that happens. It is just a simple but wonderful.

File:Truth about Kerry.jpg

5 Out of 5




Honorable quick mentions: Tightrope (1984 Film), In My Sleep (2010 Film), Rear Window (1954 Film), Anita (1967 Film), Alone with Her (2006 Film), Unthinkable (2010 Film), The House in Marsh Road/Invisible Creature (1960 Film), The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988 Film), and I’ll Follow You Down (2013 Film)


Guilty Pleasures quick list: The Two Sisters (2007 Film), The Twin Diamonds (2009 Film), Wrong Turn (2003 Film), The Train (1970 Film), Roman (2006 Film), The Birds (1963 Film), W (1974 Film), Bichhoo/Scorpion (2000 Film), Another Day Another Life (2009 Film), Silent Hill (2006 Film), The Dentist (1996 Film), Jeepers Creepers (2001 Film), The Grudge (2004 Film), and Goonj (1974 Film)





Finally! It is over, and hopes you had have much fun as I did. May this list have others to expand on what to watch this Halloween month, with some small foresight? Again this has been fun and very glad to be able to post this. Maybe in the future, a different style will come by, but let’s just play it by ear for now . . . to the least you the readers have to add, let me know, I like to hear it. With that, having a boo-full day, later!

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