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Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today, we continue our Villains Profile with King Candy/Turbo from Wreck-It Ralph. Okay, this is going to be tough to cover. Look, I’m not a video game fan, I never really got into video games growing up. I mean I owned an SNES, a Nintendo 64 and a Wii and that’s about it, and only about once in a blue moon, would I turn them on and the only games I truly played religiously were the Lego games and Epic Mickey. So, I never really embraced Wreck-It Ralph as much as the others in the nerd community. Do I think it’s a bad movie? No, but that’s because I barely remember anything about this movie. It’s one of the few Disney movies that I don’t know because I didn’t care enough to actually get a copy. So yeah, I’ll be honest and say going into this that I’m at a loss on what to say. My feelings towards the movie aside should not affect my view of King Candy as a character and I will try to be as fair as possible and look at him solely as a character without any of the video game influence getting in the way. With that out of the way, here is what I’ll be covering as just like the last two entries, I will be looking at Voice Actor, Entrance, Personality, Grand Desire, Lackey, Most Evil Deed, and finally, Are They A Good Villain?

Voice Actor

Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk, who some of my readers may know from Firefly (I never watched it nor knew about it until the internet) was the voice of King Candy/Turbo and Tudyk gave perhaps the best performance in Wreck-It Ralph. They way, he voiced King Candy duped you and surprised you, when you learned that he was the bad guy. It’s clear to any longtime Disney fans that Tudyk based his performance of King Candy, the voice and mannerism on that of The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Seriously, he sounded just like Ed Wynn in this movie and it was creepy and well done.

And when looking at what Tudyk has lined up with Disney, it appears that he is becoming Disney’s John Ratzenberger (if you know, your Pixar canon, you’ll get the reference) as not only did he play The Duke of Weselton in Frozen but he is slated to play Allstiar Krei in Big Hero 6. Heck, at this rate, I’m just waiting to find out what character he’ll play in Giants.

I’m quite impressed with the two roles, Tudyk has done for Disney thus far and hope he is cast in more Disney films in the future and from the looks of things, that may just happen.


We first see King Candy at the Random Rosters Race in Sugar Rush after Ralph has crashed into the game and it’s clear that he is hiding his true personality and that he comes across a bully to Vanepolle as he the rest of the Sugar Racers refer to her as a glitch and you see that Candy love the attention that his “subjects” give him. He’s uses this silly facade to hide his true personality.


King Candy hides his true personality behind this over the top goofy facade that makes him appear as nothing more than a comedic side character but in truth and reality, he is a power hungry madman that will do anything for attention as he craves it. As his back story revealed, his time as Turbo revealed that he can’t stand, when the attention isn’t  on him and his action coined the phrase going turbo. I.E., a character leaving their game and causing both his game, Turbo Time and the game, that he tried to take over to be unplugged.

Now, even behind the mask that King Candy wears to hide his true identity, you get the sense all throughout the film that something is off kilter about this character and there is more to him, than we are shown. Thus even though the reveal of King Candy being Turbo comes as a surprise to the characters, there are enough clues for the audience to piece it together, when the film finally reveals his true self.

Now, Disney would later repeat this idea of hiding the true villain again in Frozen but there, I think it was done almost too well and we will touch upon that, when we get to Hans. With King Candy however, it was a great reveal and a moment that truly works in the film and this shows how much King Candy is the exact opposite of Ralph.

Grand Desire

King Candy is fueled by jealously and being an attention hog. He will do whatever it takes to ensure that the limelight remains on him. He is driven by his desired to be loved by the players at the arcade and as we see with him, reprogramming Sugar Rush, he will go to great lengths to ensure that he is the most loved video game character at the arcade. Jealously is nothing new for villains as the Evil Queen was driven by jealously as well. It’s one of the most common traits, you will see in villains. Now, after  he becomes a cybug, he wants to the rule the arcade but that happens so late in the movie, I just want to focus on his  motives throughout the rest of the film. Though I do like the idea of a character complete control of the arcade.  That could possibly make for an interesting sequel to Ralph.


While the DisneyWiki lists the Cybugs as minions of King Candy’s, I’m only going to focus on his Sugar Rush lackeys and the first group, I want to talk about, I don’t have to much to say about other than pointing out, why I like this reference.

Oreo Guards

If you paid close attention to the Oreo Guards, you’d pick up that they were singing Ore-O, which is a nod and reference to March of The Winkies from The Wizard of Oz. As they sing Oh e Oh in that song. Small moment but as someone that likes The Wizard of Oz, I really like that.

This was probably one of my favorite moments in the movie. Now, let’s move onto the other two big lackeys that King Candy, starting with Sour Bill.

Sour Bill

Sour Bill was voiced by the film’s director, Rich Moore and well I’m not the biggest fan of this character. His demeanor was just so monotone and just feel like that he didn’t have a big role and I’m confused by how he had memories of how King Candy did what he did to the game but his memories of before King Candy reprogramming the game  have been erased.

Wynchel & Duncan

On the other hand, I actually like Wynchel & Duncan. They were great comic relief and actually felt more like minions than Sour Bill. Who was supposed to be his second in command but I just don’t feel like Sour Bill had much of a personality whereas these two were so funny and just so much fun to watch. And I find it funny that I like these two considering that Wynchel is voiced by Adam Carolla and after seeing him on both Dancing with The Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice, his attitude got my nerves a little bit.

Most Evil Deed

Reprogramming Sugar Rush and Making Vanellope A Glitch

This was pretty easy but when King Candy reprogrammed Sugar Rush to become the game’s ruler, he brainwashed the racers of Sugar Rush and hid their real memories and disconnected Vanellope from the code causing her to glitch and leading the rest of the game characters into bullying her for being a glitch. While all the time, keeping from them that he is the reason that Vanellope is a glitch.


After becoming a Cybug being drawn into the light of Diet Cola Mountain

Yeah, I gotta be honest, Candy’s demise is just weird. When Ralph crash landed in Sugar Rush, he had brought with him a cybug from Hero’s Duty and it hatched a lot of eggs underneath the surface and during the final race, we see a Cybug eat Candy and he fuses with the bug and becomes the most powerful virus in the arcade.

Because of you, Ralph, I’m now the most powerful virus in the arcade!

And he Ralph fight and takes him and tells him that it’s game over for him and Vanellope but Ralph is able to bring down Diet Cola Mountain with an eruption that brings about a bright beacon and while he tries to fight the temptation to fly into the light, his new cybug programming soon gets the best of him and he does fly into the light and that causes his death.

Is King Candy A Good Villain?

King Candy is a good villain for the type of story that Wreck-It Ralph wants to tell. And while I do think Alan Tudyk did a great job voicing the villain, at the end of the day, I don’t think that I’m going to remember much about this particular villain. He is very evil and I do like how the film leads the audience into figuring out that Turbo and King Candy are one in the same but as I mentioned before, this isn’t a movie that stuck with me and the same is true of King Candy and I feel like out of the 4 villains, we will be talking about this event, he’s the most forgettable. That doesn’t make him a bad villain but I just don’t think, he’s very memorable. Again, I like him as a character and he was a lot of fun but that’s about it. Join us next time as we head to Arendelle for the latest Disney Villain…


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