Welcome all, you Evil Tricksters and Hoppy Treaties, as we finally come to a close of this Horror Movie sub-genres that had us all gratefully happy of these choral movies, give or take a few. Without much else to add let us get this last building up and running.



Going into this following sub-genre, I will have to warn that it is going to be undersized a bit, for that there is not that many, or at least following the rules I am going with. So if you see or not a movie you love as declare horror plus this sub, sorry, they didn’t count or have yet to been seen. Really, I am sorry.





Musical horrors:



Phantom of the Opera (1943 Film); this title have been made over and over, and at times it can be a hit or a miss. Out of the few that were made, beside the 2004 try, I really become in loving this take on the tale. Luckily age is slowly its grace and become very easy to joy. The cast, the music, the stages, and overall ride it is, becomes something not to amiss. As it is, this tale has been told to death, but this one makes the tale feel new, even for the year it was made. If you like the classics and this interesting fable, you’ll enjoy it very much so.

File:Phantom of the Opera (1943 film).jpg

4.6 Out of 5




The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975 Film); there is not shock for this not to be on here. Just as this film, it was beyond a ride, funny and just . . . weird. But how anyone not fall in love with it, for it may be for the grand cast they put together, awesome stages, the music that can be dance along with and sing along. In history this movie had in some ways made it notice through time, short it was, but hey, that’s just how great it is. I would say more, but there is a chance everyone knows this film by heart or word of mouth.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Poster

4.9 Out of 5




Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 Film); with all the mix talk this movie got, it still can an appealing movie. The music is very well done and the horror moments can be very memorable. The cast does what they need to get the movie going, with emotion and mental scaring. There was care, slight changes from the sources, and bold in regards to what other movies there playing at the time, it still did well in getting a noticeable name for it at the end of it. A wonderful piece, but sadly it may not be for everyone, so if watching, an opening mind helps.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) Poster

4.5 Out 5




The Nightmare before Christmas (1993 Film); a small cheat, but this place needs to be filled with something, might as well be a movie that showed, that not everything has to be full on horror about Halloween and be a delight to children. Not something you see every day with Halloween based movies. The music is good and remembering too years to come, stop-motion animation has an outbreak with this film, even at mute; this is just an entertaining film to look at. This cast was well put together as their roles given. Coming more so that even a moral can be found, a simple one but one all will someday understand at the end of it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Poster

5 Out of 5




Honorable quick mentions: Cannibal! The Musical (1993 Film), Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008 Film), and Little Shop of Horrors (1986 Film)


Guilty Pleasures quick list: Phantom of the Paradise (1974 Film), Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006 Film), Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001 Film), and Stage Fright (2014 Film)





Well that was a bit on the sad side for musical horrors, really it was. But hopefully the next part of this will work out better . . . for next is the supernatural.




The Dark Half (1993 Film); a film like this takes odd turns, but works out for what it can. Lacks in some areas, but thrives in others. Taking this movie with a line of salt to an open wound is the best to describe it in some regards. Where; it works, it just outstanding, and unforgettable to miss out on. Yet, in places where, not fully failing, tries a bit too hard to where it can be a bit out of place. There is the chance the book is far better, but again, this isn’t about the book. Cast tries and shows a few gems. Sets look wonderful. Plot is simple; get’s lost at times, but soon gets back on track. It is a test run at best for horror, and makes it worth a try, at least once.


3.2 Out of 5




The Church/La chiesa/Cathedral of Demons/Demon Cathedral (1989 Film); the background of this film is easy to say a bit on the confusing side, but makes it work for it. A brain twisting film, a fair enough cast, wonderful timing and pacing is just well in the middle of things. Even for a movie that hasn’t been out long, can a bit dated and the translations can very off. But it tries, aims for creepy at times and works. Horror is very still and quiet in this film, but doesn’t go unnoticed for very long when it picks up and likely be freaky. A good small goal it was aiming at the end of it. A well put film, few bumps, yet still great to watch.


3.7 Out of 5




Crazy Lips/発狂する唇 {Hakkyōsuru Kuchibiru} (2000 Film); this is just . . . fun, really. From start to end, it is a blast of a ride. The cast know what this kind is and really show how they think about it as they play their roles. Slow at times but soon thrusts you into the untamable of a sound mind. Adding to also it is a comedy of the darker light, where in leading if the figures are really the person before us. Leaving clues in a way, for the watcher to in hopes find out what is going on. Changes that fall apart but come together as a broken puzzle set. A trip this is.

File:Crazy Lips DVD Cover.jpg

4.67534 Out of 5




Ghost Brigade/The Killing Box/Grey Knights (1993 Film); this movie has horror, spirits, a civil war stuck in the middle of it. What there is else to say? The cast is just a grand watch. A plot that is complex at the beginning but as it plays out, it all makes sense and that’s were for maybe many will become very lack confinable for the eyes to see. The pace can range at times, mostly in changing from place to place, but when it stays, oh how wins you over at times. A golden film; with just a few flaws that will maybe break or make the film, yet a battle worth to see.

File:Ghost Brigade FilmPoster.jpeg

4.8 Out of 5




Honorable quick mentions: Ghost of Mae Nak/ นาค รักแท้/วิญญาณ/ความตาย (2005 Film), Children of the Corn (1984 Film), Dolls (1987 Film), Don’t Go to Sleep (1982 Film), Asylum (2008 Film), An American Haunting (2005 Film), Dead Silence (2007 Film), Beyond Evil (1980 Film), and The Craft (1996 Film)


Guilty Pleasures quick list: Alucarda/Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas {Alucarda, the daughter of darkness} (1978 Film), 11-11-11 (2011 Film), 13Hrs (2010 Film), Appointment with Fear (1985 Film), Deadgirl (2008 Film), Camp Slaughter/Camp Daze (2005 Film), and General Cemetery/Cementerio General (2012 Film)





Up now is what I have feeling most have been waiting for . . . you know who you are. In this segment it is all about animation movies that in some way, were disturbing, creepy, fun, and maybe dip into the horror realm for vacation once in awhile.





Animation horrors:




The Romantic (2009 Film); this film is just breathtaking in the animation that built it. Reminds very much a Tim Burton film, but it isn’t. Loving of how basic the plot is, but does what it can to be its own. For the people who used as cast, close friends of the maker of the film do a fine job, for this low-low budget film. Multi complexes rest with the film, in the lines, and the sheer characters in this forever autumn immovable world. For in the signs of betrayal, justice will come in the form a goddess of Love, Hate, and Time. Romance has a lot to choke on much than before now.


4.8 Out of 5




King of Thorn/いばらの王,/Ibara no Ou (2010 Film); this is a survival that feels like the video games of Outlast, Residence Evil, and maybe many other first-person games . . . lack any of pressing replay though and whole lot of mystery and secrets that will come to know to the public. The sadness of this, it was how it came to be, is what makes the world all the bleaker. Voice actors do their best in showing the pain and horror around them, but don’t get to drawn, for it might mean their end is nearing for them. The setting and monsters are insane and wonderful to look at.  The pace is creepily slow and haunting for its well choice theme. And for one last thing, within the hidden messages, the chances of this being real and possible, add even more to the horror of it all.

(Movie Cover not found, Manga Cover Vol. 2)

File:King of Thorns Vol. 02 cover.jpg

4 Out of 5




Frankenweenie (2012 Film); coming to a much sweeter take on the tale of Frankenstein’s Monster, this is very a well done one. The tiny beats of morals within it are short and to the point but hold meaning well. Loving that this whole movie is in black and white to add more of a call back to what it parody’s. The actors and sets are just wonderful to look at. The world is great and fun with its horror and animation, it doesn’t disappoint, unless you don’t have a heart that is. But in case of this, a heart that’s needs to be a bit reviving like Sparky!

File:Frankenweenie (2012 film) poster.jpg

4.6 Out of 5




Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010 Film); this is just a beautiful take on one the most well known poems out there. This film not only has one animation style but different for each level, those are broken into short chapters, as downward Dante, who as well goes through changes fitting each chapter, as he travels onward into the levels of the inferno. There are some changes, but the main soul of the poem is there and is powerful in what it gives. The cast is great and does what it can in shortness for each, besides those of main that is. The secondary members make themselves known and unforgettable. The chapters are wonderful to look at, glaring in some regards but they are few and far apart. It is an enjoyment.

File:Dante's Inferno AAE.jpg

5 Out of 5




Honorable quick mentions: Blood: The Last Vampire (2000 Film), Monster House (2006 Film), Perfect Blue (1997 Film), Wicked City (1987 Film), Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999 Film), Coraline (2009 Film), Akira (1988 Film), The Secret of NIMH (1982 Film), Watership Down (1978 Film), and ParaNorman (2012 Film)


Guilty Pleasures quick list: Blue Gender: The Warrior (2002 Film), Galerians: Rion (2002 Film), Evil Toons (1992 Film), Vampire Hunter D (1985 Film), Dead Space: Downfall (2008 Film), Heavy Metal (1981 Film), City of Rott (2006 Film), Dead Fury (2008 Film), and Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008 Film)





Okay, umm, funny little thing . . . because of how everything is going on my side, with trying to give the last looks over with short series of blog, it will not be going in 4 parts . . . yeah, guess it happens when having a year or so fixing this. So there will be one more one subdivision to this and only the last one needed, and that is the thin kin thread to Horror, little Suspense will be what we end this on. Excuse the last minute change and I hope to see you next time in the and really final blog segment. Have a spiteful spirit day, later!

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