Welcome back you Sneaky Snakes and Rude Rats, as today’s blog we look at the horror that blends with requesting romance, space full Sci-Fi, and peculiar parodies. And just want to say thanks for those who have took a gander at the past blogs and are maybe back again to see part 3, again many thanks!



With that said . . . let’s get started in a genre that took a lot of work to figuring out how to make this section work, so bare with me. Which: only means to say that we look into a genre that is hard to put together, but luckily with right guide it is easy look upon more than just labels.




Romance horrors:



Shaun of the Dead (2004 Film); somewhere outside the internet, people are wonder why this is in the romance and not comedy . . . mostly for, that I didn’t crazily laugh what the film’s jokes were going for, but what and how the characters were doing to handle a crisis they were in. And in the mix of it all, one of our main leads found few goods in it. Behind the gore and laughter, there is a more hidden story be told, and at its core is where this movie comes off as a romance, done very well, maybe not on all loving someone, but also trusting another in this to fight or flight area, in any catastrophe, and it just happen to be zombies. No harm in that, the movie was made with care that is just an eye opener from the start of it; pace is easy to enjoy and breathe, plot is simple to follow, characters are very much easy to latch onto and hope they make it. It’s good, maybe not what others thought, but hidden perks never hurt anyone. Right . . .?

Shaun of the Dead (2004) Poster

4.76643 Out of 5




Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994 Film); Not only is this film one that got closest to the book, but it was one that made love become divided in that it doesn’t need to be one love that you just bed with. Umm . . . let me try to clarify that . . . somewhat spoilers if you haven’t seen this movie. Our main lead goes through many changes in life, with one common thread; every alternative he made was out of someone he held dear to. First it was someone that passed on that made him want to cheat death and live on, it was another life he held close that made regret everything he had done, another love that reminded him there was still a now to live and best not to miss, it was an unwanted love to realizes it was best to let things lay, be done, and forgive and forget. Romance is not all the goal in this film, it’s just a strand that holds all the characters in place and have the plot fall in position and the end, leaving a conclusion that you’ll be surprise by the end of it. This film is done right, with good writing, great cast, awesome sets, and much more, and when that lightening strikes, it may not only the dead that rise from it.

File:Mary shelleys frankenstein ver2.jpg

4.888869 Out of 5




The Fly (1986 Film); this movie is just a heartbreaking play through in its own right. The two main leads, their chemistry is just wonderful, even more so that in real life they were a thing on and off stage while filming and after, so when it came to the love, the pain, the anger, and much more between them it was very much real. And used very well, that to up to the end, you’re at tears . . . if you have a soul that is. An enjoyable watch that it is up to the end, though it is an ending that is fitting as it is, in some ways, faults only go for how untimely and rushed it can come off. But that is just a minor setback for it, along with built up that greatly fixes problems as the movie keeps playing. Again, it’s a pleasant flick with great cast, soundtrack eerie at times, and masterly planned to a reverberation degree at most.

File:Fly poster.jpg

5 Out of 5




Warm Bodies (2013 Film); now before even going into this movie, main question is does it feel like a Twilight movie? Yes, but done much better. With that said, we are moving on, mostly to start on the book it was based on, it does a fairly good job being close to what it was trying to tell. One of many things, I do like about this movie, is that, it gives a “cure” of how to turn zombies back to normal, by showing love, that they are regaining their humanity back, oh sure sounds like crap, it is, but it is nice new step in a risk to take in a film like this. A zombie flick it still is, lots of gore and scares, no beating around the bush, when things got bad, they did. The cast play their roles well; pace is good yet slows down at times, but don’t linger long; sets and make-up are just spot on. Jokes can be found, but go for the black comedy at times, so it may not be for everyone. Not asking people to go far to find this and watch it, but if it on, give it go.

File:Warm Bodies Theatrical Poster.jpg


3.5 Out of 5



Honorable quick mentions: Cannibal (2006 Film), Something is There/Kucch to Hai (2003 Film), and The Village (2004 Film)


Guilty Pleasures quick list: Let the Right One In (2008 Film), Jack and Diane (2012 Film), Thirst/박쥐; Bakjwi; Bat (2009 Film), Dracula (1979 Film), Brain-dead {Dead Alive} (1992 Film), Ghost (1990 Film), Zombie Honeymoon (2004 Film), and The Mummy (1932 Film)




Alright, now that we are all done being mushy and the tissues are tossed, let’s pack up and head somewhere far, far, away . . . space anyone?




Science Fiction/Sci-Fi Horrors:



The Green Slime {ガンマー第3号 宇宙大作戦;, Ganmā Daisan Gō: Uchū Daisakusen, aka Gamma 3: Operation Outer Space} (1968 Film); this is a very interesting movie, in further look, it is close like The Blob, but in space and with much weirder turn in what it does to its human victims, as their spacecraft sails-off through the vast void of space, heading home after destroy a planet along the way. Oh this film has not age very well, but still holds a fine appealing look, holding its own well through most film around its time line. The actors give it their all, at times, yes coming off woody or cheesy, but do they try and own the stage the moment the camera is on them. Sets and background hold and give the right eerie look the film is going for, range is good as well as tension, but if you’re someone who loves to give a movie a good riff, this film is for you.

File:The Green Slime (1968 movie poster).jpg

3.5 Out of 5




Creepzoids (1987 Film); oh what a movie this is, a survival apocalyptic horror done so wrong, it is so right to watch. In calling this film it is so bad it’s good, and it shows, but engaging. Out of anything the kill offs and the designs of the monsters are what takes this film into the grandness of it, the actors very much range from believable you don’t leave your seat to woody to bland to laughably bad. In ways this should be a guilty pleasure at most, but again, it goes past and makes itself know, this is a flick that tired, had lots of love and care to make it. If there is anyone who wants tips in making a passable sci-fi horror that gets mouths going, use this movie . . . if not, enjoy it for what it is. A failure that almost happen, until it found its calling, and should say a lot about this film!


2.343435 Out of 5




The Monster and the Girl (1941 Film); another film that has taken what it was given and gave it all, as it holds well for aging it had gone through the years, a master piece in its own right. This little take a family element is done odd but well, as in what would, one would do if not able to save their loved one, with help of science, to set revenge for them. At first glance it could be ripping off King Kong, on a much smaller scale, but what it can do, wonderfully executed. Again, age hasn’t been kind to it, but for when this was made, the cast that were pick to play their roles are wisely and proudly taken in high levels, how it plays, and the plot is just done so well, a few grimes back shrugged off. A short running time but not a minute is wasted as the enjoyment is stacked on.


4.332 Out of 5




Alien (1979 Film); stating for the record now, that trying not to be everyone else when coming to pick movies that are in same taste, is hard. But no matter what, nothing could up-top the full love for this flick. It’s done so nicely, acting is great, the special effects are at their A-Game, and the plot from start to end is just wonderful. If there was anything else to add to this film, in a heart beat there would be, but this film is just one of many that have been gloated so much, there is nothing much else to add, but when Halloween is need for a grand scare watch this; lights off, popcorn popped, eyes peeled, and enjoy . . . just try not to let it get to you too much.

4.9 Out of 5



Honorable quick mentions: The Terminator (1984 Film), Alien Express {Dead Rail} (2005 Film), Bone Eater (2008 Film), Komodo (1999 Film), Mars Attacks (1996 Film), and 4D Man {UK title: The Evil Force; reissued in the US as Master of Terror} (1959 Film)



Guilty Pleasures quick list: Monster a Go-Go (1965 Film), Queen of Blood (1966 Film), Planet of the Vampires/Terrore nello spazio (1965 Film), Arcade (1993 Film), Eel Girl (2008 Film), Xtro (1983 Film), Cube Zero (2004 Film), Doom (2005 Film), Star Crystal (1986 Film), Galaxy of Terror (1981 Film), and Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988 Film)




And ending into the last segment of this part is with those films that mimic of something already around and makes its own, hard to come by if it knows as a comedy or not, but let’s just see what happens, huh?




Parody horrors:



Young Frankenstein (1974 Film); Now coming into finding this film at first, it was a fluke, but a very welcoming fluke. Taking everything about this movie and took turns into making it a laughter of fun through the whole show. Boundless fun! The actors couldn’t have been anymore of a joy to watch, subtle changes that made the flick this spoofs of are just a joy to see. Compare to spoofs now, this is a very clean movie, which means that they don’t overuse or try to dumb down on some accounts. This movie is another of many spoofs done right and knows it. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, you’re bound to laugh somewhere along the way.

File:Young Frankenstein movie poster.jpg

4.9 Out of 5




Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961 Film); now summing up this movie of why it’s so good is this; Condorman meets the Anaconda, and it’s a survival from then on. The movies off as a fun run of the mill spy flick, midpoint horror every man for themselves, and the end is creature feature. Not only that, but also funny, the joke are very much dated by this point, but the not planned jokes is what’s the film still come up on top. The cast is full range, out at least all of them, you’ll find a favorite. For the time of this flick, it holds well with a few glares here and there, but still, a must watch. If you like spy flicks like James Bond or Austin Powers and scary films like Creature from the Black Lagoon or Swamp Thing, this could be up your alley.

File:Creature from the Haunted Sea poster.jpg

4.3332 Out of 5




Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990 Film); having been a fan of the show, this movie does the show justice and the slight call out to Hansel and Gretel was a nice touch for the movie to go on as it is. As the film is, it’s one movie with three mini ones within, played through out, so in hopes the young main character stay alive long enough to escape the witch the holds him. The mini episodes are much done well put together; even giving small calling outs to movies they themselves parody from. There are few glares with the casting pick, but luckily they don’t last long or improve in some areas. Pace is slow at times but needed or nerving, so warning of that. The twisted horror within is also a joy, and hardly relies on gore.


3.4 Out of 5




Slither (2006 Film); this has been on those that took a very interesting turn when having to compare to movies like the Body Snatchers, and take so many turns that it does becomes its own movie. Oh no doubt many could call this a rip-off in some scenes. Yet again, makes it own. Slither aims for the end to make you laugh, with planned jokes or not, and it works. Actors know what movie they are in; they will either be bleak or hammy, but enjoyable. It can be so slow and out of the blue makes it feel like you missed something, with so much going on at one point and little in another, you wonder if you’re watching the same movie. Yet, it is the gems that keep you seated and well worth the time for them. If someone is thinking of watching this, may it only to riff of it, it will work out for everyone.


2.1 Out of 5



Honorable quick mentions: An American Werewolf in London (1981 Film), Motel Hell (1980 Film), Student Bodies (1981 Film), The Haunted House (1921 Film), Black Sheep (2006 Film), The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu (2009 Film), and Zombieland (2009 Film)



Guilty Pleasures quick list: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948 Film), Scary Movie (2000 Film), Boy Eats Girl (2005 Film), Haunted Spooks (1920 Film), The Gorilla (1939 Film), The Cat and the Canary (1939 Film), Private Parts (1972 Film), Greedy Guts/Little Otik/Otesánek (2000 Film), Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! (2003 Film), House/ハウス, {Hausu} (1977 Film), Microwave Massacre (1983 Film), and Thanks Killing (2008 Film)





Alright, this ends part 3 of Horror’s genres break down. And as again, thank you for putting up with this. I thought for at this moment to answer some questions some people (Who will remain unnamed for personal reasons) have asked, that I have gotten after posting part 2 (Through PM or Email), this could also go for those who have wanted to ask but never got to say them, so here they are . . .



Q: Why haven’t there been any squeals mentions any so far?


A: Mostly for that it would take even more time to look through them all (only a few got away with that), and really, isn’t the first film of any multipart movies that get us hooked, interesting, wondering what could happen next. First movies only for they are the gate opener for their series, so in that case, only first movies and not their squeals for without the first would they ever come to be, if that helps.



Q: When did you have time to watch all these movies (. . .) that had to take time?


A: Oh yeah it did, and being honesty here, this blog was to be posted in 2013 but things came up and when I did try to posted it some places, they wouldn’t let it load for it was content they wouldn’t defend if there were complaints or it was too long. Plus there were some sites this was going to be just so low grade compare to others, and I chicken out of it, for I didn’t think it was good enough. So I set it aside, and on spare time, added more movies along the way that friends or I found interesting, changing top movies and so on. So this blog was in the long run to get done.



Q: (. . .) are you planning to some else like this in the future?


A: Who knows, if I get an idea or someone else wants to hear my thoughts on something, sure, I’ll see where it goes from there. But after this, not in a while for blogs like this take time and effort; which sadly, real life doesn’t want me happy to do it. So again, if it happens, it’ll happen. That okay with you?




Moving along now, with after that, we’re heading into part 4 and hopefully the last chapter of this long blog. Forgive if has been going on too lengthy. And within the next part, we take a look at Eerier Musicals, Iconic Supernatural, Creepy Animations, and Horror’s distance cousin; Suspense. Until then, may you have a ghastly good day, later!


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