‘Cause real pirates carry chicken pulleys on them!


Do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free!
You Are a Pirate!
Getting blown off by a cannon is cool;
Learning to fight like a dairy farmer;
Carrying a chicken pulley with you;
You Are a Pirate!
Stalking old people inside a wood;
Looking for treasure with phony maps;
That’s not a plus you barnacle head;
You Are a Pirate!
Ahr me matey, drug those poodles like a pirate captain, you are the scurvy of the canine race!
Talking to women like a retard;
Holding your breath as long as you can;
Tickling murderous parrots for fun;
You Are a Pirate!
Bartering prices for wrecked ships;
Boiling gun powder isn’t smart;
Let’s blow you off from a cannon again;
You Are a Pirate!
Ow, that’s gotta hurt. Better get the serious medicine for that!
Sinking your ship is kind of dumb;
Dealing with cannibals kind of stinks;
But it’s okay you win at the end;
You Are a Pirate!
Do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free.
You Are a Pirate!
Kind of…

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