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Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today, we continue our villainous trend of looking at songs sung by the villains as we look at songs sung by the Shadow Man himself, Dr. Facilier. Now, you may be thinking. He only had one song in the movie. True but as a tie in with the film, a soundtrack titled Bayou Boogie was released and Facilier had three more songs on that soundtrack. So, we will look at his 4 songs and like always make sure to vote for your favorite at the end, if you are reading this on Manic Expression.

Friends On The Other Side


As we established in Facilier’s Villains Profile, he is a charmer and knows how to make a deal and this song shows that in spades. He puts on a show to get Naveen to make a deal and as I also pointed out there, he both foreshadows what is going to happen in Naveen in the rest of the movie and also gives us a hint that we will continue the trend of mistreating Lawrence. Great song, that really sums who Facilier is in a nutshell.

Do What I Wanna Do


Our first song from Bayou Boogie is Do What I Wanna Do. And it’s okay and it fits Facilier’s charms and just makes you want to buy into what he’s selling. This song just paints him as slick and not having a care in the world.

Love Is A Magical Mystery


The Brony in me wants to cure to the end of that title. This song is okay but I don’t think that I like it as much as Do What I Wanna Do. It’s still quite a lot of fun and again, Facilier sells it but I’m not buying into this number as much as I would’ve hoped. It’s a good number but it just falls flat in some areas.

Shadow Man


I really like this one. Sure, it’s just a song describing who Facilier is but I think it works in how the lyrics, when you think about can be a little creepy but the music off sets that and again, Facilier just knows how to sell himself in this number. Seriously, after listening to this number, I just want to hang out with Facilier at a bar and have a good time. This song has an aurora of Facilier knowing that he’s cool and he’ll bask in it.

There, you have it, Dr. Faciler’s 4 villain songs. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this special Music Fridays. Peace!


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