….If this were a normal review, I’d open with the usual opening. But it’s not. You wanna know why? Well, first off, it’s October, or as I like to call it on The Hitlist, “MetalWeen”.


This month, I’m reviewing a few metal songs. But the other reason this isn’t a normal episode? I’m looking at Design the Skyline’s only hit, “Surrounded by Silence. It is arguably the WORST song I’ve ever heard. And thanks to The Creature, I now know of its existence.

I honestly don’t know how to tackle something like this. I mean, I could get through the other songs I looked at, but this? I couldn’t get past 30 seconds. That’s all it took for me to realize that everything about the song is wrong. Everything! For example…

What in the holy crap are they even saying??? I understand that with most metal songs, there’s gonna be some screaming. I listen to metal sometimes, so I get it. But at least I can make out most of it. And even if I don’t get it the first time, I’ll normally understand it within a few listens. Even with the lyrics in front of me, I can’t make anything out. I don’t even know if they’re saying anything or just yelling in a microphone because “that’s what metal singers do”. In fact, the lyrics don’t make any sense either. I’d post them here, but I don’t want to taint this site with their stupid.

And if you thought Alicia Keys and Lil Wayne were off tempo, well, at least they actually had tempo! The instruments here sound dreadful. You have guitars, drums, bass, and synths all playing basically whenever the flip they feel like it, and it sounds like nails on a chalkboard. On second thought, scratch that. Nails on a chalkboard would be better. At least that takes effort.

There’s also autotune. In a metal song. Autotune! It’s unnecessary in most pop songs, so what’s the point of adding it here? It doesn’t really improve anything. If anything, it’s just noise.

And that’s probably the best way to describe this song. Noise without any rhyme or reason. It’s as if these guys didn’t know the first thing about music. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. This song was panned by virtually everyone unfortunate enough to listen to it. It’s not even on iTunes. Just wrap your head around that. “We Can’t Stop”, “Shake it Off”, and “Wiggle” are all good enough for iTunes, but not this song. I know it’s another short review, but what else is there to say? It terrible, so don’t listen to it. Not even out of curiosity.

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