Repulsive smooth blood moon say franticly please mad mother
Have the will and cry black rain
Play together show drive can watch us rip above his rusted scream
Summer skin ugly lie less honey language by ache beat blow on her peach tongue
Delirious goddess rock sweet raw lust of not a mean moan urge from him
Let not in day and to swim sordid symphony egg chocolate wax
Lick a bare pant dream sweat
My mist rose lives fast after time through the gorgeous sky garden of sea light spring



Summery: Nothing comes in a price on what person, in this case a mother-to-be to do when a life is about to be born. Some take it in kindness, a second chance, a matter that focus and unwelcome, a night of pleasure gone wrong or right, a moment that could destroy everything that was planned before it just showed up. Abort some would do because that’s all they can bare or have and pass it to a family who is willing to try and do better, in something that wasn’t planned nor come to thought, until now.

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