Hello Veggie Vampires and Mummy Groaners, we are back again on another out of the norm blog, to do part 2 of this horror’s movies sub-genres. First blog was about finding Action and Adventure in buckets of blood with some Crime Mystery Thriller that gave goose-bump. But now it’s time to laugh . . . at murder!




Humor horrors:



Ghostbusters (1984 Film); if there, is anyone really not all that shock to find this, no . . . For a film that was trying to aim to be just a horror, was luckily its worst move yet and became what horror and comedy could do, even when not planned. There is no doubt some haunting moments in this flick, when it got scary, it did, and it was funny . . . you most likely gave a chuckle or lost feeling in your sides. A great cast, awesome sight of ghost, plot simple, but with so much room for error, it was again, their best move to try too hard. And you can help but laugh of genius that was.

File:Ghostbusters cover.png

5 Out of 5




Cemetery Man/Dellamorte Dellamore (1994 Film); this is a very interesting zombie movie. Even more so of the main character’s running joke that he rather save the zombies and shoot the living in the head. I love how the colorful humor and grim horror work so well together, for it could one after the other, or both on the screen. This movie pace is well; the acting characters are a splendid watch, the gory is plenty and clean cut. And if the movie might not work for some, there is the book, so both sides win. But you might miss out on some awesome kill-offs in both. Pick and enjoy carefully!


4.6 Out of 5




Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde (1925 Film); it doesn’t happen much when a fourth rank satire is pulled off, and done well. This is one of those rare gems that does, really is amazing at time this was made. But unlike older films, this one sadly has almost been toss forever off the face of planet. This silent film does so well and was likely of how most spoofs work, the good ones anyway. If there is anyone who loves a good spoof, wonderful goofy acting, and some Y-rated scares and less than a half-an-hour long, this film is for you.

(Main Picture Not Found; Cover Box Set)

Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde (1925) Poster


3.7 Out of 5




The Lost Boys (1987 Film); another film that has really marked itself on shelves of many with the main reason of the horror in the background until the final act, and just clever built up to. With out of the blue humor at times, I could add more about why this film is good and why people should watch it. One thing I could possible adds that, after watching it, you’ll have a better idea of how to handle running into vampires.

File:Lost boys.jpg

4.7 Out of 5




Just wanted add before going on that finally something I didn’t get to do last blog, and so glad for it now!


Honorable quick mentions: Beetlejuice (1988 Film), Dead Snow/Død snø (2009 Film), Ghost Station/โกยเถอะเกย์ (2007 Film), Spider Baby (1964 Film)



Guilty Pleasures quick list: Spook Busters (1946 Film), The Castle of the Monsters/El Castillo de los Monstruos (1958 Film), The Cars That Ate Paris (1974 Film), Killer Condom (1996 Film), SARS Wars (2004 Film), I Sell the Dead (2008 Film) and Munster, Go Home! (1966 Film)




Now that we are done with laughing our butts, let’s get started on the pure drama of things. Shall we?




Drama horrors:



Carrie (1976 and 2013 remake); now, as this come for those who don’t like remakes, let me just say this . . . the remake is closer to the book and that’s what makes it all the more sadder for what’s to come as they story plays out. If you want a straight up blood rain movie watch the 1976, if you want to watch as what drove our title charter to cause such things watch the remake. And if you don’t like both, there’s the book, but we are not here for that. Each movie holds the drama well, showing the harsh levels of the school’s and home’s lives that they can be hard to swallow for anyone in that matter.

Carrie (1976) Poster

4.663 Out of 5


Carrie (2013) Poster

4.8887 Out of 5




The Skin I Live In/La piel que Habito (2011 Film); Now in this drama horror of a film, it all starts with a question of doubt and a forgettable sad past, this plastic surgeon does what he can to make the perfect skin protector. He has done, finding the most “imperfect” woman as a guinea pig. Unknown to both, they both has twist and turns to each other. It’s a great movie with find acting and plot in finding out who was in the right and the wrong. So pick carefully is all I can say and enjoy the watch. Being under the knife had become a whole different meaning because of this movie.

The Skin I Live In (2011) Poster

4.6 Out of 5




Freaks (1932 Film); call this one a “real life” takes of Beauty and Beast, as you’ll get the feel of it when it comes along with two of main leads. The only twists; that the “beast’s” friends are against him finding happiness with the “beauty” for reason that are in the story. It does hold well for the time it was made, and keeps on your toes all the way through. Horror in this, is just devise this film went for, costume design as well is just eye-candy to enjoy.

Freaks (1932) Poster

4 Out of 5




Hour of the Wolf/Vargtimmen (1968 Film); I really do enjoy this film, as for that you’re thinking a werewolf movie, in a way yes, but at the same time you’re not. I really like the twist it took. Plot is very easy to follow, at times. Being suck into this movie is likely enough for those only with a cabin in the woods deal, with just two people the film focus on, yes there are other characters, but their mostly to move the plot along and fill in space, which they do rather well. And great game to play in deciding who’s going to make it or not, that is also a nice twist it has.

Hour of the Wolf (1968) Poster

4.8 Out of 5




Honorable quick mentions: Dark Water (2002 Film) and Candyman (1992 Film)



Guilty Pleasures quick list: Funny Games (1997 Film), Carriers (2009 Film), Ichi the Killer (2001 Film), The Invisible Man (1933 Film), Eyes without a Face (1960 Film), and Half Light (2006 Film)




We are coming another close soon, but we have one last part sub-genre to do. And is what dreams can of most of the time. But oh boy, before we get into this matter, let’s just say finding these two genres together are much hard than you think. Because pushing aside films that have been spoken of, they have other genres that are the same, but are not the main focus, so finding movies start with horror as a main and fantasy as second, or vice-versa, was hard, so excuse if there are not that many.


With that said, let’s going on this!



Fantasy horror:




Pan’s Labyrinth/El laberinto del fauno (2006 Film); when first seeing this film, it was just breath taking. In making this film, it took a lot of love. Horror and fantasy just belong together when seeing this movie. Good acting, a fair plot, designs of when seeing the fantasy is just a wonder to look at. With a grand pace of letting enough to view, it’s good slow pace for breather and eerier for the danger that comes.

Pan's Labyrinth (2006) Poster

4.55 Out of 5




Hellraiser (1987 Film); in a movie that has people mess with magic of certain kinds, would have some kind of backlash, this film would show the dark side of it. Wonderfully done as it is, deciding about its sequels, watch part two and maybe part three, but after that call it a day. For the delightfulness thins out and comes only as a temp to be scary and loses what it aims to be. For this one alone, acting is spot on, scenes are bone chilling, plot is easy to follow but again it is only for the gore.

File:Hellraiser poster.png

4.89 Out of 5




Night Watch/Ночной дозор {Nochnoy dozor} (2004 Film); I can come to see why this film well loved in cult world. And so do I, with all the turns it takes, it can leave you leaving guess from time to time of where things are going to lead. The prologue of this really takes what it has and uses it. As the movie presses on, it feels as a different movie with hints from the first part. This is another one those take a chance of a ride kind of movies. Watch freely, and just enjoy, no mind needed.

File:Night Watch (2004 film) theatrical poster.jpg

3.8 Out of 5




Beowulf & Grendel (2005 Film); out of attempts there were movies big and small screen, this one really does well in telling the epic poem Beowulf, for in fact it is only loosely based on it, but far a much more delight to watch. Shock in for that the only horror there is on how it plays out, for it may aim at the monsters or where the film takes place, but what sight. Age hasn’t been kind, but it makes due for what it is. Well acted and a pleasant sight to behold.


3.3 Out of 5




Honorable quick mentions: Gremlins (1984 Film) and The Evil Dead (1981 Film)



Guilty Pleasures quick list: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013 Film), Underworld: Evolution (2006 Film), and Ghost Stories/Kwaidan/怪談 ,{Kaidan} (1964 Film)




Well, gladly this ends part 2. Excuse if there any flicks I miss; for mostly they didn’t work out or might have yet to be seen. As before outside feedback is always welcome for something like this, so please let me hear it. And come to return for the next installment as we take look at third rate fang-full Romance, first class brain chilling Sci-Fi, and second chance ironic-chained Parodies. With all that said, have a bleeding good day. Later!


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