Greeting little Specters and great Howlers, and welcome to another out of norm blog, where we will focus on thing that thrives on Halloween’s long month birthday. And for today’s topic, find movies that are not only horror, but their sub genre is something branches to others. That as in, not only is it horror but also an action flick or dramas and hopefully musicals . . . wandering down this rabbit hole of hell, has not been fun but well worth it for this Holiday month of shrieks.



With that said, let’s get this show on the road and starting out with is . . .



Action/Adventure horrors:




From Dusk till Dawn(1996 Film); it’s pretty much one of many movies that made a landmark when mixing a horror with dark humor, blood plumping, and hint of a western flair if you look hard enough. A joy ride for the body and mind. It doesn’t waste what it has and throws it at you over and over, until you feel like you’re part of the film, and that’s a goal most movies now forget.

File:From dusk till dawn poster.jpg4.5 Out of 5




Sin: the Movie (2000 Film); how should I say this; I’m a sucker for some good animation. This movie shows it. When coming to describe it: everything about it is basic: plot, characters, clichés, and maybe some cheese if you squint, but a ride some shouldn’t miss out on, with a sweet twist of a cyberpunk spin. Blood with shed and looks to wonderful when doing so.

File:Sin The Movie.jpg

3 Out of 5




The Thing (1982); is a must to have on all horror shelves. Action and adventure shown at its rawest in this, with a good enough dose of Science Fiction. The cast does well, gory eye-candy at every corner, pace is nerving and it times tests you if you are watching out of annoyance or fear. Biggest question, who hasn’t this film, if someone says yes . . . then I guess you’re living the movie . . . lucky.

File:ThingPoster.jpg5 Out of 5




Night Breed (1990 Film); not going to lie, this movie can be of a head scratcher at times, but what is there and done well, those gems make it okay. It does come off a horror for those who are slowly going into this genre but just want the gist without having the mind numbing backlash afterwards. Laughing is common theme you’ll get, that wasn’t planned, but it works for it, as what makes it an Action and Adventure don’t shy away. So all good there!

File:Nightbreedposter.jpg2.22223 Out of 5






Guilty Pleasures quick list: Blade (1998 Film), Darkman(1990), Moon Child (2003 Film), The Cat (1992 Film).



Now onto the next sub-genre on the list that is a bit quash into many but get’s the point of across. Crime/Thriller/Mystery subparts, just go with it, that’s what I’m doing here.




Spies/Spione (1928 Film); going old school classic on the first choice. A silent German film that has held up well in the years. This movie leaves no need for breathing and keeps it cut throat. Acting done and scenes passable of a shiny diamond comparing is none and void to that of is how currently in live action movies now. Twist and turns just coming keep your eyes on the screens. A classic to catch.


3.8 Out of 5




Journey into Fear (1943 Film); a subtle spy movie could be up for those, who are found of James Bond and love a good jump of fright to go with it. This movie wastes no time to throw you into its world, as at the start of it, the main character is getting ready to assassinate someone. With just the hiss and bump of a gramophone skipping over the song that is hard to hear, as the gun clicks and ready to fire. The horror in this really, you never get a good view, a simple shadow of it, maybe a sudden fall of a victim as blood slowly bleed through the clothes, or just a final scream.

File:Journey Into Fear 1943 poster.jpg

4.8 Out of 5




Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 (2003-2004); a thriller this is no doubt is. Come in many of mix feeling for these movies that are broken in two because of money issues. But with Vol. 1 is just grand in doing the built up as Vol. 2 gives the ending all wanted in the end. The style it takes, the pace, how it tell, and who’s in it owns the camera the moment it’s on them. It may not have full blown horror, but the background stores do everything to feel in how dead every has become during lifetime of the films. Only warning is that the films are long, have the time and enjoy it if this is up your alley. And just for some foresight, not everything has to be gory horror to work.

                                     File:Kill bill vol one ver.jpg

4 Out of 5

And File:Kill bill vol two ver.jpg

4.9 Out of 5




Confessions (2010 Film); just going blunt and say this movie is a straight revenge flick. Plot sum up: Students kill child of a teacher of the school they go to, teachers is putting the dots together and wants at them for them to know how she felt when they took the one thing she loved out of her small family. Simple yes, tension is there, minor moments of thrillers when time is coming a close for the students, even if it might not be them. This is cold and shows a dark tone of what a parent would if they took justice in their own hands.

File:Confessions (2010) film poster.jpg3.2224 Out of 5




Guilty Pleasures quick list: Cold Fish (2010 Film), The Watcher in the Woods (1980 Film), Strangler vs. Strangler (1984 Film), The Crying Game (1992 Film), and Fair Game (1995 Film)






Okay, we’ll end it here of part 1. Feedback is always welcome on movies that follow under these and the blog as it is. Join again as we go into the Humor, the Drama, and maybe the Fantasy sub-lines that crawl around in the world of Horror pictures realm. With that said; have a good screeching day and see you all next time. Later!



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