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Hello & welcome back to the Halloween celebration here on A Look at Disney and today, we are celebrating the songs of my favorite theatrical Disney villain, Jafar.



Prince Ali (Reprise)


Oh, you gotta love this reprise with how twisted, Jafar is by taking a song that was used to celebrate Prince Abooboo and turn it on it’s head and reveal him for the fraud and street rat that he is. Short, simple, wicked, and all around effective in showing how Jafar was able to get the upper hand.

You’re Only Second Rate

Now it wouldn’t be until the first cheapquel ever made that Jafar would get a whole villain song as his two villain songs were cut from the original draft of Aladdin. And as far villain songs go, it’s all right and it is nice to finally hear Jafar get a whole song but I gotta go with Prince Ali (Reprise) as the Jafar song.

Why Me?


You know what’s really sad, not only was this song cut from the film but also from the Broadway musical. It was in the original run of the show but when it debuted, they cut it. Now as for my thoughts on this song, Johnathan Freeman does a good job with the material and I enjoy but in the end, parts of it, don’t seem like Jafar. Mostly the beginning, where he is complaining about his childhood but other then that, it’s a decent villain song.

Humiliate The Boy

Now, here’s Jafar’s other cut song, Humiliate The Boy and this was in the film still a bit different as you can tell by Iago’s accent here. Because Iago here is British, which just seems weird. With this song, I’m getting a vaudevillian vibe from it and it’s clear that Johnathan Freeman was getting a kick out of singing this song but again, it doesn’t really feel like Jafar.

Diamond In The Rough

Our newest song is from the Broadway musical and does that voice sound familiar to any of you? Well, it should because the Broadway production got Johnathan Freeman to reprise his role of Jafar on stage. I like this number as it has that twisted feel to it, that you want with Jafar, while also being fun but it still feels like something Jafar would sing and how he tricks Aladdin and plays off Aladdin’s crush on Jasmine to get him to go into The Cave of Wonders.

I love Jafar, he has one of my favorite villain songs and getting to look at his other songs was a real treat and made for an entertaining Music Fridays in my eyes. Join me Monday as we continue the Halloween festivities with a Wicked Witch Showdown as Theodora from Oz: The Great and Powerful goes up against  Zelena from Once Upon A Time.



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