Hey, do you want to see a horror spoof from the early 80’s with a highly talented comedic cast that is sadly about on par with some of the Scary Movie sequels? No? Well, too bad, it exists!

The “plot” of the movie is that, in the early 60’s, a group of cheerleaders were killed, which caused the cheerleading camp to be closed down. 19 years later, a former Cheerleader named Bambi re-opens the camp, even though the townspeople think the camp is haunted. And the killer is out on the loose. Meanwhile, a mountie and his assistant try to find a guy whose turning people into furniture, who they think is the Cheerleader camp killer.

Now while that might sound like the movie has a lot of plot, really, it actually feels like the opposite when you see the movie as the movie feels like it barely has any plot! The Killer doesn’t kill any of the teens until the movie only has 10 minutes of runtime left and the guy who was turning people into furniture turns out not to be the killer, which makes the whole sub-plot feel pointless. It wouldn’t feel pointless if it was just a quick gag but they devote a whole sub-plot to this thing! What’s the point when it ends up having no connection whatsoever to the main plot?! Seriously, most of the movie just feels like it’s gag after gag and hardly has any actual plot whatsoever!

However, this is a spoof-a ZAZ-style spoof to be exact. Those movies don’t usually have plots! I’d also like to mention that the movie’s special effects are terrible (even internet video quality) but, again, what do you expect from a low budget horror spoof from the 80’s?

No, the real problem with this movie is that the movie has a talented cast (the movie’s cast includes Paul Ruebens, Carol Kane, Tom Smothers, Judge Reinhold, Phil Hartman, Eileen Brennan, Edie McClurg, Jambi the Genie, Charlie’s Mom from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Phil Hartman, Eve Arden, Tab Hunter, and Donald O’Connor, to name a few) and wastes them all by giving them some really hit or miss humor to deliver. Sometimes the movie is funny (I kind of liked the scene where one of the teens ends up being so picky when hitching a ride, the only car that satisfies her is the limo of the President of the United States) but sometimes the jokes are predictable (Bambi opens a locker and…some stuff falls out. Hilarious!) and other times the humor is just weird (Bambi bathes in…milk? Wha?). Plus a lot of the cast members are given little to nothing to do-Edie McClurg doesn’t get anything to say that’s even trying to be funny (I also find it odd this movie has a Carrie spoof in it and she doesn’t partake in it even though she was in Carrie!) and Phil Hartman is literally in the movie for a second-I don’t think he even had a line!

So, I wouldn’t recommend this movie, if only for the fact that it has a great cast and just doesn’t use them to their full advantage.


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