Amber! You’re Flying!?


Hello & welcome back to the Halloween celebration here on A Look at Disney and today, we are taking a look at the Halloween episode of Sofia The First, Princess Butterfly.


Episode Title

Princess Butterfly

Nothing too fancy about this title and at first glance, you wouldn’t even think that this has anything to do with a Halloween episode. Which I guess you can let slide as this episode mostly takes place on the day after Halloween.

The Plot

It’s time for the All Hallows Eve Ball at Royal Prep and there will be a costume contest , that Amber has won each year but this year, the rules are a bit different as the students must make their own costumes this year and this does not sit well with Amber as she’s never made a costume before and as we see back at the palace, she doesn’t have very many sewing skills unlike her younger sister.

Instead, she goes to Cedric to ask to help and she’d do anything and knowing this, Cedric gives Amber some magic gems that she can put on her before the party and it will give her the most stunning butterfly costume but there’s a catch with the costume. Amber arrives at the party and blows everyone with her butterfly costume.

She blows away the competition and wins the contest for another year and I will admit that I do like that butterfly costume. (Probably going to put my store bought Tin Man costume to shame).

But things are about to get worse as the costume starts to come alive and Amber can’t get it off. Cedric had planned this as he wanted to see if he could Sofia’s Amulet out of it because when Amber goes to Cedric, he tells her that one of the ingredients needed for him to remove the costume would be a purple jewel i.e. Sofia’s Amulet. Cedric reminds her that she can’t tell the fairies (from Sleeping Beauty, they are the principals and teachers at the school,the kids attend) because that means that she would have to admit that she cheated. And as I mentioned earlier, we see how the costume starts to come alive as the wings start to flap and Amber then spends the rest of the day trying to trick her younger sister to get her Amulet and Sofia soon grows wise to this and Amber comes clean and we get a touching moment, where Sofia is willing to give up her most precious item to help her sister.

However, Amber refuses because of her guilty conscious but that does not stop , Cedric’s pet bird, Wormwood from swooping in and taking it and we see the sisters go on a chase to get back the Amulet throughout the school and in the end, Amber admits that she cheated and the Fairies remove the costume.

All in all, I liked this episode as it was a good first outing for Amber in a lead role and has a good message for kids about not taking shortcuts.


Amber voiced by Darcy Rose Byrnes

I liked Amber in this episode as she was really good with the humor and also seeing her struggle with the costume made me think of The Haunted Mask, a bit. (Funny, how yesterday’s article was about Goosebumps) and you could just see that she really wanted out of this costume and would do anything to get out of it but realized that she may have been going too far.

Sofia voiced by Ariel Winter

I really liked Sofia in this episode as it proved that she can see through someone trying to mess with her and the moment, where she was willing to give up her Amulet to help Amber shows how much Sofia is willing to help her family and will put her loved ones before items, even ones that she holds dear.


Cedric voiced by Jess Harnell

Cedric was delightfully evil in this episode as he stooped to new lows with this costume trick to try and get the Amulet and it shows that he can be a really fun villain at times and he was a true highlight of the episode.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, this was a fun episode and one that I was glad to start the Halloween season off with but tomorrow, we are getting into something really fun with one of my favorite Disney Villains, who has quite a few songs to his name and one of the best villain voices ever. Join me tomorrow as we celebrate the songs sung by…


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