-The 31 Days of Halloween will run all month long here at Manic Expression.

-500: The Last Stand will be released sometime before November 1.

-We’re doing testing now on the ads that will pay directly to you, so that we have all the bugs worked out before we let everyone do it. Rest assured, we haven’t forgotten.

-There is now a rough cut for A Site in Scarlet, which will be released on our three year anniversary. Footage is still missing, and we will have to replace those who don’t turn in footage.

-There is still one spot open for The ABC’s of Manic Expression, which will be our fourth year movie. Those interested in contributing a 2-5 short film for the movie can talk to Chilton.

-SomeJerkFromBoston and James are working on the 2nd and 3rd drafts of the scripts for the animated movie at the same time to speed along the process. A little sample of something from the movie may be released soon.

-Please put up your avatars.

-When posting a blog select the “read more” option so the whole blog doesn’t in the blog section.

-Remember to post a featured image.

-Those interested in doing a Riff Track on House on Haunted Hill should talk to the Man With No Chin.

-Chilton will run Secret Santa this year. Talk to him if you want in.

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