Hello and thank you for your time.

First let me say I normally don’t get all political. Mostly because it’s the internet, and out of fear of starting a flame war.
However, I feel I’m in safe hands here on Manic Expression.

I’ve been wanting to talk about this subject for some time, but didn’t for the above stated reason.
I was going to do this as a video (mainly for the traffic and possible ad revenue) but I can’t do a non-scripted thought by thought dialog in video due to my mental/verbal meandering. I also can’t do it scripted because I feel that I’m just reading it and it sounds static. (also that’s the wrong reason to do the video anyway)

I want to talk about the term “Tolerance“. What it means, what it means to me, and how it’s currently interpreted.
I will be focusing on one particular subject, the subject of homosexuality. However, only for the sake of pointing out the common problems that usually stem from any heated “debate” or opposing sides of any given belief system. I just personally feel the subject of homosexuality demonstrates what I have to say about the subject of tolerance as a whole.

I also want to preemptively apologize if I get facts wrong. I no doubt have a great lack of personal knowledge/common frame of reference for some of what I’m going to discuss.

With that said, let me state that I do not agree with homosexuality. Now some of you are already angry at me and assume what my stance is. Need I remind you people of a cleaver way to remember how to spell the word “assume”?
I will explain myself in due time.

Tolerance has nothing to do with who’s right or who’s wrong. It also has nothing to do with accepting someone else’s beliefs as your own. Although people will tell you otherwise.

There are always four factions when it comes to tolerance (two on each side) The Tolerant and The Militant. I have often seen both sides of this issue being militant.

Now as I give examples, know that I do not know specifics of what I’m going to mention. I’m again just using broad examples.

The Militant:
On the one side you have some gays who when hearing that a particular company or person disagrees with homosexuality, they bombard that person or company with hate mail and/or stage demonstrations in front of the business or in view of the individual who disagrees. And they are heralded as “champions for the cause” by the GLBT community.
Now on the opposite side of that coin we have people like the Westboro Baptist Church (who are heralded as crazy morons by everyone, including Christians). I don’t think I have to go into detail about them. In my humble opinion I see them as acting very similar.

Now I might well begin to hear shouts of unfair comparison. Let me point out that I have heard the rhetoric of “Don’t force your beliefs/opinions on other people” Now let me ask you: Out of the two examples I just gave, which one is forcing their beliefs/opinions on the opposing side?
Personally, I’d say they both are. and neither is being very tolerant of the opposing viewpoint.

But in my experience, the very same people who cry for tolerance often meet any opposition to what they believe with hate and childish name calling.

Intolerance is Bullying. it’s internet trolls. So, don’t feed the trolls.
Intolerance is not disagreeing, but using that disagreement as a launching pad for treating the other person badly, abusing them, and belittling them just so you can feel superior or that you are “right”.
Intolerance/bullying of any kind is sick and disgusting to me. I don’t care what the subject matter or reason. (gay, straight, brony, Women, Men, short, fat, skinny, ugly, conservative, liberal, religion, Etc.) If you want to get on my bad side start bullying someone around me. I’ll go Dark Knight on you real fast.

So, what is true tolerance?
The Tolerant:
First of all it quite obviously should not contain any trace of hate… from either side. True tolerance goes both ways, regardless of what we see in the the media or from what I hope is the loud unsilent minority.

Now I know you are still wanting me to go into why I disagree with the whole homosexuality issue.
First let me state I hate absolutely no one for being gay. If I hate anyone at all, it’s due to their personality or them just being jerks. At best it’s just a “dislike” and avoidance more than actual “hate”.
I try to get on with everybody. Granted there are going to be personality clashes. but for the most part I try to be as friendly as possible to everyone. Unless I’ve had a utterly crap day, then all bets are off for everyone weather I like you or not. (A character flaw I’m trying to overcome.)

I (in spite of my own actions at times) am a Christian. Please don’t pre-judge me.
I hold to the idea that sex is meant for reproduction and binding two people in marriage. With that said I think that ANY relationship built on sex (regardless to the type) is a misuse of sex. For the most part (from my own observation) most relationships that are solely based on sex are often doomed from the start. (high school, collage, Hollywood) Now, I’m not here to start a long discourse on that subject.

I also hope that you don’t judge all Christians by such idiots like Westboro. True Christians WON’T act like them.

You are welcome to disagree with me, and I’m sure most of you do. It doesn’t bother me that you don’t agree. You are an individual.

Now, do I go around bombarding people who are gay with my views and condemning them to hell? No!
Why? Well to put it simply, I don’t want anyone doing that to me. Just as the old saying goes “Do unto others…”
However, I tend to see people #TweetBarfing their political/social views with the attitude of “If you ever disagree, it just means that you are wrong” *coughnostalgiachickcough*
I mostly don’t get involved in those kinds of discussions. They are usually fruitless unless the other person wants to act like a mature adult and provide a proper counterpoint instead of acting like a five-year-old who’s just been told his favorite superhero is a doodie-head.

I’ll admit I can have a short fuse but only if it’s worth it. I don’t go around picking fights. I’d like to also suggest for those who may face hateful opposition, not to reply in kind.

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bigot, closed minded, or a hate monger. If they are acting like a troll bully, then yes, they all of those things. (and a couple more I’d rather not say)

In short I guess what I’m trying to say is what I hope is overwhelmingly obvious:
You can disagree with someone without acting like a total butt hole.
And to me, that is the true definition of tolerance.

Once again, Thank you for your time.

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