Hither into the night,
Hide in the bark backwoods,
Be the night.

Hide and run.

Find the sun,
Glow upon all,
Shine the world in the light it needs.

Not wants,
Gist in profound larks that thrash the bones raw,
Carving a world unknown,
To what studies today can give.

Shine upon,
Break it,
Be it,
And hide again,
For it can’t be caught and lied alas for,
Nothing that is a tweak of navy yawns,
Of the woods all perform.


Spirits lost and confounded,
Luck has come,
Use it.

To the woods,
Of conflagration that drizzles.

Lack emotion to feed it,
Reform it,
Abided to it and do so.

The insane always had the most fun,
Being and doing what others would never become,
Never beat them,
Join them.

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