Paint it,
Brushing strokes,
Slow that is extensive and vivid.

Forming something that was once in mind,
To what is now before one’s eyes.

Steady now,
And study it.

In matters now,
What the hand can do,
Hopes less meaning,
For some brain dead,
With voice out how that paint,
That idea can never compare to masters,
Of another!

News flash,
The young makers will never be,
What the elder greats were.

A new mind is always welcome,
Some may be what is stuck in past,
Some can’t handle change,
Some look for new but hold standers.

It comes to those who try,
In peaceful mind,

Do something,
And try.

Not hard to do,
Even more so,
When that niche is found,
And when it is,
It is a treasure to never lose.

Keep that in mind,
When others might have given up,
Because of certain standers,
Some people should stop speaking about.

It saves time,
It saves minds.

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