Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and I know that I haven’t been posting much lately. Well, I do apologize in advance for that as I’ve been working all of my articles for next month as I have a lot planned for the Halloween season. Anyways, I promised you that I would do a Music Fridays featuring the results of the polls that you had voted on. Well, I delayed the blog for a while because of things popping up but now, here it is.


Hooked On A Feeling


We start with Star Lord’s Awesome Mix Tape from this summer and most popular song from Guardians of The Galaxy, Hooked On A Feeling and despite what Todd In The Shadows may say this is great song and so worthy of being of Peter Quill’s mix tape. This song is just pure fun and just so catchy. Not my favorite song used in the film, that’d be O-oh Child but this is a good runner up. Quite a fun song and just a joy to listen to.

Power Rangers Wild Force


There was a tie on the Power Rangers Music Fridays and while Jungle Fury was my favorite theme, I was convinced after seeing Second Opinion vote for this as the best theme to give it a second chance and it has grown on me over time and it’s not bad. Not one, that’d I listen to frequently but it is enjoyable.

Seize The Day


Once again, we had a tie on the Newsies Goodbye Music Fridays, which remains one of my favorites. In the end, I had to give it to Seize The Day as this is the song that sums up what Newsies is all about as it gives you the idea that these young men aren’t afraid to stand up for what they know is right and that is something that I strive for in life. And plus this is just one of those songs that just pumps you up, each time you hear it and is just one that you want to hear again & again.

Part of Your World


Yeah, I was not at all surprised, when this won the poll on the Ariel Music Fridays as this is Ariel’s song. This is the song that we associate with the Little Mermaid. When people think of Ariel, they think of Jodi Benson singing this song and it’s not to see why. It’s a beautiful song that perfectly captures who Ariel is.

I See The Light


And we end with a song from Tangled. Can’t go wrong with that, this is a beautiful love song that is just so uplifting as Flynn and Rapunzel finally realize their love for one another. It’s a beautiful moment that just puts a smile on my face every time, I listen to it.

There you have it, the first winners of the first Poll Result. This will start anew next week with some villainous songs as we look at songs sung by one of my favorite Disney Villains. Peace!

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