Moviefan12: Oh, man, I’m going to be late. I can’t be late for my own blog’s 4th year anniversary. Not, when I have other people counting on me to show up. I guess, I could use a teleporation spell to get to the location. I need to get going….

Darkfan21: Moviefan, wait….

Moviefan12: No, Darkfan

Darkfan21: But I wanna take part in this too.

Moviefan12: No, there is a reason I didn’t invite you, now if you don’t mind, I am already running late as it is.

Magic Dust: Moviefan, wait…

Moviefan12: Dustie, what are you doing here? This isn’t Trotting Through Life.

Magic Dust: But I wanna take part.

Moviefan12: No, both of you can have fun somewhere else, I already have enough people partaking in this event as it is. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get going. *poofs to theater*

Excellent, I made it…

The Usher: Excuse me sir but I can’t let you in without a ticket.

Moviefan12: Usher, I BUILT THIS THEATER. Look, we are already running behind and as your time as the Visitor of Christmas Present proved, you can say more than that one line. So, if you don’t mind, get out of my way, so I can start this event. Could you raise the curtain?

The Usher: Bu… but I was just doing my job.

Moviefan12: Yes, the job that I hired you for. Now raise the curtain.

Thank you.

—The 4th Year Anniversary Special—

Moviefan12: Uh, Tinker Bell. Where is Tinker Bell? She was supposed to be to open the event?

Usher: We couldn’t afford her on our budget?

Moviefan12: What, she’s a fairy? How much money could she demand? *whispers* $20,000 Dollars! Okay, forget that. Let’s go straight to the opening. What you did find someone to open the event? Who?

Tink, ya made it. Wait, who’s paying for her?

Darkfan21: Surprise

Moviefan12: Where’d you get that kind of money? No, matter on with the show.

Moviefan12: Hello & welcome to A Look at Disney’s momentous 4 year anniversary. Wow, 4 years, who would’ve thought that this little blog that I started on a whim would’ve lasted that long. Well, after last year’s rather negative entry for this occasion, I’ve decided once again to be celebratory and I’ve invited many fellow Expressionists to join me as this year, we talk about 4 of our favorite Disney songs from the 53 animated films. I thought that doing something along the lines of 4 songs for 4 years would be fun and please help me in welcoming me someone that I’ve had the honor of reviewing the 4th season of MLP with. He may not be a Brony but he knows the ponies. Please welcome back to A Look at Disney, The Second Opinion.

The Second Opinion’s Song Selections

You Can Fly


The Second Opinion: This song and the sequence attached to it singlehandedly sold me on man’s preoccupation with flight. The way this song builds matches the scene perfectly. We start with some exuberant background vocals as the characters take off out the window, and then the lyrics begin waxing storybook poetics, all but celebrating the ways they explore this new sensation. The scene really wants you to picture taking flight yourself, and it’s a cheerful burst of whimsy all the way to their landing on the hands of Big Ben, where it slows to a halt for a moment. Then it winds up with Peter’s classic line “There it is Wendy! Second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning” and launches its crescendo. The children rise above the clouds as piercing voices chant the song’s most ardent line and soar to the iconic shot of the city barely still in sight below. The sense of wonder and exhilaration here is greater than in any other flight scene I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing, and I might go so far as to argue that no other song in a Disney animated film has served its scene better than this one.

Prince Ali


The Second Opinion: Now I admit, I wasn’t too keen on this song when I was six years old. It came across as catchy in all the wrong ways, getting an annoying line stuck in my head (Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa) for approximately the rest of my life, and I think what registered more than anything was that our hero had been replaced by a guy playing a new role in a stupid outfit. But my opinion on it has done a complete 180. Everything about it is perfect for Aladdin’s moment of triumph, the buildup march, the size, the way Genie sells it all with Robin Williams’ performance, everything. And considering the last big shot prince came in riding a camel, this is how you define awesome. Make waaaaay, for Prince Aliiiiiiiii!

Go the Distance


The Second Opinion: This is the part of the movie that really sells us on Hercules as our hero. It’d be too easy to brush him off as a generic do-gooder, and it’s true we’ve seen a lot his shtick before, but the sense of hope and longing in this song is so identifiable that, for my money, it puts me behind him all the way. On one hand, it’s an indulgent fantasy about becoming a celebrity – which is probably the most relatable part – but more importantly, it expresses his belief that the role of a hero is where he was meant to find love and acceptance. It’s probably the strongest example of how the movie, as off-the-wall and zany as it got, still managed to fit in some heart.

Two Worlds


The Second Opinion: A lot of people accuse the Phil Collins songs in Tarzan’s of sounding the same, but I found that it helped carve the movie’s identity, giving it its own personal sound. That they blur together a bit makes them come across as separate chapters of a single arc, that being Tarzan’s development. And the best chapter has to be Two Worlds, another one that plays off its scenes beautifully. It’s a bold description of new beginnings, hopeful possibilities, and rising from tragedies, which it depicts by holding back its vocals and letting the sequences speak for themselves. Its reprise at the conclusion brings everything full circle, making it the perfect note to end as well as begin on.

Moviefan12: Up next, going In Too Deep is Ratin8tor .

Ratin8tor’s Song Selections

R8: The four songs I’ve chosen each represent a special part of my life. As some of you may or may not know, I spent 2013 working at the one and only Magic Kingdom at Disney World Florida. It was an experience to say the least. But during my time there there are four songs that best sum up my experience and as such have become my four most favourite Disney songs. So in no particular order:

Be Our Guest


Now for the first six months that I worked there I worked at the Be Our Guest Restaurant (which had only been opened for a few months, so I was right on the front line of this big new thing). As such I heard this song (or at least the musical accompaniment of this song) a lot. So many times. However I still love it because it reminds me so much of my time working there. A lot of what the song represents what I went through in the job. Full of energy, full of spirit, all about fine service and above all else a really fun song. And working there was a lot of fun too. Even if we did work flat out a song like this was something fun to sing to help pick the spirits up. As such this song holds a special place in my heart.

That and there’s probably a you-tube clip of me singing the song at a bunch of guests because I was bored and I was dared too. God knows whatever happened to that video.

Part Of Your World


R8: For the next six months I worked at Ariel’s Undersea Adventures: Journey of the Little Mermaid and the adjacent Ariel’s Grotto. And again, I heard this song quite a lot of times (even more than the music at Be Our Guest, since it was quiet enough to hear). So while theoretically I should be sick to the gills of it… What can I say? I still hold this song in a special place in my heart because it reminds me of all my friends. The song is about wanting something more, wanting to be somewhere new… and that’s what working at Disney World was like. That want to be with my friends still exists till this day. So out of all the songs I had to listen to ad nauseum working there, this one still holds a special place in my heart due to how it reminds me of all the good times I had.

Mine, Mine, Mine


R8: Speaking of songs that remind me of the good times… See in New Zealand we don’t celebrate Halloween. It’s very much a non-event. So working at Disney was my first experience with a proper American Halloween. But more than that were the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween parties. Now partly they were awesome because there were all sorts of really cool costumes by guests… but mostly because it wasn’t the same bloody Little Mermaid music I heard all the damn time. It was music that one could sing and dance too. And this was my favorite song from the Halloween mix. No doubt out there there’s a video of me doing my choreographed dance routine to this song… but to me it’s just got way too much energy to be ignored. Sure it’s not the greatest Disney villain song (it probably won’t make many top ten lists), but the fun I had from goofing off with this song and mucking about with dancing means it’ll always remind me of those good times.

Plus Mairiah Carey and Nick Cannon saw me dancing and he even complimented me on my dance moves… I mean I didn’t realize it was him till long after I’d clocked out but still, nice to get some acknowledgement.

I Wanna Be Like You


R8: Now this is probably my favourite song in the Disney canon for the simple reason that I know enough of the words to be able to sing along to it when I’m bored. Add to that its fantastic upbeat rhythm and tempo and you got a song that’s a great way of picking oneself up and keeping oneself awake when it’s two in the morning and you’re standing outside of a deserted ride. This is my favourite song for no other real reason then because it’s a fantastic upbeat song that I love to sing. A simple reason, yes, but my reason nonetheless.

So there you have it. My four favourite Disney songs and the emotional attachment I have to them. Thank you Moviefan12 for letting me give my say on these Disney classics.

Moviefan12: Up next to take us through his favorite picks is alexthed.

alexthed’s Song Selections

So Long – Winnie the Pooh


alexthed: Do you even have to ask why I like this song? Yes, I’ve talked about this song before, but how could I NOT talk about this song for this project? Obviously, my one true love singing this song was a big get, but I must remind people why I like her so much. She brings a great folky quality to this song and she really does a bring a lot of energy and sweetness to a song (and film that calls for both). This song played over the end credits of Winnie the Pooh and it’s hard to imagine a better closing credits song for a film like that. It’s bouncy, it’s warm. You get the feeling of truly saying goodbye to a pal that you want to see again.

A Perfect World – The Emperor’s New Groove


alexthed: I know I haven’t talked about this much, but I’m actually a big Tom Jones fan. No joke, I have seen the man live. Although there aren’t as many songs in ths one, this song is enjoyable enough. The scene itself is a great intro to Kuzco’s character, showing just how equally powerful and vain he is. And some of the visual gags are really funny. But having a big, bombastic Tom Jones song also gives Emperor Kuzco a bit of a hipster edge to him. And I do like the “theme song guy” joke. Plus, this song does serve a purpose in the story. At the beginning, the song is about Kuzco’s perception that the world revolves around him. At the end of the movie, he realizes the importance of sharing his fabulous wealth with others.

Fun fact, about this song, it was supposed to be sung by Sting (my opinion on him? Love his work with the Police… not so crazy about his solo work). But they decided to go with Tom Jones because he was “hipper.” Bear in mind that Tom Jones is in fact older than Sting.

One Jump Ahead – Aladdin


alexthed: Speaking of great character intro songs in funny Disney movies, this is one of the best (of a very specific example). There are a lot of reasons to love this song. First of all, it explains Aladdin’s character in one song. I also really like the melody not just for being extremely catchy, but also because it helps communicate the story. One minute, it is frantic giving the feeling of Aladdin’s chase. There’s some good call and response (“Riff raff! Street rat!” “I don’t buy that!”) and there is a more melodic harmony that reminds us of the romanticized side of Aladdin’s thievery.

Moviefan12: Up next, we have Ateryu but first, a guest appearance by one of Disney’s own characters. I wonder who that could be?

*faints* I’ll be back after this selection. *faints* Wait, who got Rapunzel to show up? Wait a minute, that’s just an image of her from I see The Light but I don’t care. *faints*

Ateryu’s Song Selections

Night On Bald Mountain


Ateryu: This holds a special place for me, as it scared the daylights out of me as a kid. As much as I would watch the movie time after time, I would switch off before this segment. Time to tackle it and face the …… monster under the bed.

The Bells of Notre Dame


Ateryu: In the past few years, I have found myself liking and favoring aesthetic in film, music et al I will say in brevity is how you open a movie. Now we get into the less definite songs.

Son of Man


Ateryu: It is a good look at the awkward path from child to maturity, another topic that has gotten stronger in my mind and that I can analyze in a nuanced manner

He’s A Tramp


Ateryu: A little like the aforementioned Hellfire, this song sneaks some material that is far from kid-friendly into the lyrics. Before Eminem was a thought in his parent’s eyes, there were songs that were not innocent in the slightest

Moviefan12: Up next, bringing us her favorites is T-kun.

T-kun’s Song Selections

I’m Still Here


T-kun: Mostly on the part this plays in the film of how Jim had to go up a certain way without a father, but comfort in another, even if it went wishy-washy in the end.

God Help The Outcasts


T-kun: Now I am not a big fan of some realign nor partake in any kind, but after hearing it other languages, it is song that if your an outcast, someone is there for you, patting you on the back, guiding you to a safe place. Be it gods or not.

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride


T-kun: It is a fun and upbeat song, great to listen too when things are looking down in some cases.


T-kun: A song based on finding who you are insides and trying to have others see that. With less heartbreak, but I am sure that is just one ways of coming to terms.

Moviefan12: Up next is Timidnina with his picks.

Tim’s Songs Selections

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia


Tim: Walt Disney Pictures have had several classics over the years. However, even to this day, you will not find such an innovative film in Disney’s library like Fantasia. Released in 1940, Fantasia was the culmination of classic music with Disney’s animation. The film is among one of my favorites from Disney; as well as being one of my favorite movies of all time. Fantasia featured seven segments that the showed off Disney’s various styles and each scene let the music tell the story. From the soothing Nutcracker Suite to the tremendous Night on Bald Mountain, each segment of Fantasia stood out from the rest. Yet if there was one that the many took away from this film, it is none other than “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” featured none other then Mickey Mouse who was student to the wizard Yen Sid. After Yen Sid retires for the evening, Mickey uses the wizard’s cap to bring a broomstick to life so it can do Mickey’s work for him. After Mickey dozes into dream, he discovers the broomstick gets carried away as the room begins to flood with water. Mickey destroys the broomstick, but it only makes matters worse as it multiplies and the chaos ensues.

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” may not be as strong as Night on Bald Mountain, but this piece is iconic for a reason. Aside from featuring Disney’s mascot, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice as a lot personality to it. The music starts off slow, but when the magic starts, the sound builds and builds til it reaches a climax of cinematic proportions. The animation is also something to behold. It does feature a cartoonish look. However, the segments use of lighting and colors is what really makes the piece worthwhile. One of the more significant moments is when Mickey destroys the broomstick and the scene utilizes this destruction by using a violent red and only featuring the characters’ shadows. It was different way to show off the moment, but it was just as effective as if we saw the broom being destroyed first hand. This was just one of the great moments of animation emphasized in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. Though some may look at this sketch as just another Disney cartoon, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is full of wonder and it is a fine example of what makes Fantasia so great.

Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid


Tim: Villain songs are a dime and a dozen in a Disney movies. Sometimes they are the bit of music that everyone remembers. There are plenty of great villain songs from Disney films, and the one in question is no exception. In 1989, moviegoers discover life undersea in The Little Mermaid. While songs like Part of Your World and Under the Sea are sung even to this day, another great number from the film was “Poor Unfortunate Souls” sung by the sea witch Ursula; voiced by Pat Carroll.

With no options left, Ariel decides to make a deal with Ursula. Ursula says that the only way for Ariel to get what she wants is become a human. Ariel is surprised to believe that Ursula could perform such a trick, but the sea witch assures she can through the power of song.

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” is great musical number for Ursula. It gives viewers an idea of who Ursula is and what she does despite that she is twisting the truth throughout this song. The lyrics for the song are catchy and Pat Carroll does a fantastic job in the delivery of the musical number. However if there is one gripe I have with “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, it’s that the song is shorter then other villain songs. Ursula goes through the first part of the song, gives Ariel some exposition and then goes into the big finish. When compared to other villainous hits, “Poor Unfortunate Souls” say not come off as the strongest of the bunch. However what the song does right is its ability to build tension and show us just who this sea witch is; and sometimes that’s all a villain song needs to do.

Friend Like Me from Aladdin


Tim: The Disney Renascence featured a wide variety of characters. Though protagonist like Belle, Simba and Aladdin were always front and center, their Disney films had plenty of characters who could steal the spotlight. Perhaps no characters fits this description better then the Genie of the Lamp, voiced by the late and great Robin Williams. On a normal occasions, a Genie would just be there for effect and nothing more, but that is not the case for this character. This big blue jinn was quite different from past incarnation of this Arabian tale as he featured Williams’ dynamic characteristic, and this could not have been more apparent in Genie’s song: “Friend Like Me”.

To show Aladdin that he is the genuine article, Genie shows off his abilities with a Broadway esque musical number filled with magic, big sets and cultural references. “Friend Like Me” was certainly different from the rest of the songs in Aladdin; but for that reason it is one of the best songs in the film. From start to finish, “Friend Like Me” is as over the top as it is energetic. The song shows off the character of Genie as well as the talent of Robin Williams. There are plenty of funny moments in the song like Genie constant transformations. The number also features a variety of bright colors that only the strengthens the magical concept. When you listen to “Friend Like Me”, there is high possibility that the tune will stay in your head ; and its probably for the best. Genie is regarded as one the most iconic Disney characters of all time, and if you need proof of that, just listen to “Friend Like Me”.

I See The Light from Tangled


Tim: For sometime, it seemed that classic Disney animated films were all but gone. However one movie breathed new life into the Studio and that film was the 2010 hit: Tangled. Though The Princess and the Frog had a sense of nostalgia, Tangled was able to revitalize the traits of the Disney Classics into a new format. Just like the Disney films of old, Tangled featured a few songs such as the charismatic opening number “When Will My Life Begin”, and the catchy villain song: “Mother Knows Best”. Yet if there is one song that will have your attention, it is none other then Tangles’ love song: “I See The Light”.

In the sequence, Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) finally reaches the castle with Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachery Levi). After spending the day together, Rapunzel gets her wish as she finally gets to see the lantern ceremony. Its this moment that segways into the film’s love song. Rapunzel sings that what she wanted may not have been what she was looking for as Flynn stands right in front of her and thinks the same thing.

Of the new Disney animated films, Tangled undoubtedly has the defining love song. “I See The Light” uses a classic approach of musicals by having one character sing, which followed by the other character singing and the duet then sings together. Not only is the song touching but the sequence is simply stunning. While Rapunzel and Flynn sing, they are surrounded by hundreds of lights. The lanterns bring a beautiful sense to the song and the sequence is amazing to see in 3D. “I See the Light” is a touching song about two characters falling in love and it undeniably belongs with Disney’s greatest romantic hits.

Moviefan12: Alright, I’d like to thank the members of Manic that joined me for this celebration and now, we will close out by looking at my 4 choices. Let’s begin.

Moviefan12’s Songs Selections

When Will My Life Begin


Moviefan12: We begin with my favorite song from Tangled. I’ve talked about this song numerous times but it is one that I hold to dear my heart as it introduced me to Rapunzel, who went on to become one of my favorite characters and this song just brought me back to the joy of being a Disney fan as I was in a slump thinking there’d be no more good Disney movies, when I first heard this song but I was wrong and I couldn’t be happier to have been proven wrong. Now, we move onto Arendelle for one of my favorite songs from Frozen that isn’t Let It Go.

For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)


Moviefan12: I decided to go with this over the first version because you get more of a feeling for how much, Anna cares for Elsa in this number and how much, she’d do anything for her big sister. If you’ll recall Frozen Week, I mentioned how I related to Anna being a younger sibling and you always want to be there for your older sibling, even when you don’t know how and I see that in Anna. She wants to be there for Elsa and Elsa is scared and you can see how much that conflicts with Anna’s optimism in hoping to fix the situation.

Belle (Little Town)


Moviefan12: Easily, one of the greatest introductions songs ever as it really gets into who Belle is as a character and that the town seems to think that there is something off about this bookworm, just because she doesn’t fit in with what is expected of the town. She wants more than what the town can give her. She wants a better life for herself and who can blame her. And the reprise does an even better job of setting up, who Belle is and what she wants.

Baby Mine


Moviefan12: Now, we come to my all time favorite Disney song. I have a special connection to Baby Mine as my mother used to sing this song as a child. And this song more than any other song takes me back to my childhood and to a simpler time, when things were easier. Yeah, it’s one of the saddest moments in any Disney film but at the same time, this song is kinda uplifting, when you realize that no matter what the rest of the world thinks of Dumbo, his mother will love him no matter what and that is true love. Because true love is able to look past flaws such as giant ears and see the sweet and beautiful child that Dumbo is and that is the truest love of all.

Moviefan12: First off, I’d like to apologize if you signed up but I forgot your songs. Between the move to the new site and the extension, I just didn’t get some of them and I realized I was taking a task too big here. That’s why next year’s anniversary will only be me. However, I would like to thank everyone that partook this year and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this special occasion. It’s been an honor writing Disney blogs for the past 4 years and I already know that I have many more blogs planned for the future and I hope to see you there for those blogs as well.

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