The following was originally posted on 05-13-2010 over on a G.I. Joe forum I was frequenting at the time I highly recommend it if you collect or do customs.

I just found it again and thought I’d shear it here. You don’t have to know about G.I. Joe to enjoy this, but it helps.



Due to the recent global economic downturn, the Iron Grenadiers (Destro’s personal army) had to make drastic cutbacks in the way they “do business”.

Destro was quoted as saying “We had to sell our tanks for scrap, no one wants to buy weapons when they’re trying to make ends meet. An elderly couple should not have to choose between prescription drugs and taking over Europe. I know what it’s like; do you know how much Brasso costs?”

When asked what he plans to do for transport, Destro had this to say: “What we have now is sufficient. It may take us a bit longer to get the job done, but we are slowly making our quota.”

One of Mr. McCullen’s guards seemed sure about this change: “It’s OK. I know my boss had to cut my pay, but I’m also taking up a paper route. So it’s not all that bad.”

Throughout this time of monetary uncertainty, it seems the Iron Grenadiers are still looking on the bright side of things.

OX_Bigly, H.I.S. News

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