“I’m in trouble?”

The apprehension in the kitchen couldn’t get anymore thicker than it was, a knife would brake first before even trying to hack it.

“That would sum up most of it, honey, yes it would.”

Kate stayed seated, head down, arms folded in front of her person. Her father passing the time to calm himself, making something, by her smell of guess, tea or a light coffee, shoulders not hard to miss were still from her line of sight, as her mother stood before her, arms crossed with a wave of emotions etched on her face.

“I don’t really know how to respond to this . . . Estoy tan enojado, feliz, por lo que pudo suceder. Dijiste que me… que ibas y ver amigos y siguiente estás trajo a su casa y… Oigo a la madre de un parque que está en el enfermería. Niño, empieza a hablar!”

When the hot drinks were done, Kate’s father walked over to calm down the out-of-sorts mother hen.

“Sometimes, the beginning is the best way to start.”

“Don’t play that card with me, Will.”

Will gave an easy smile, without knowing to his wife, was able to guide her to a chair, next to his daughter, whom, refused to look at them. His smile still in place, a little sadden, but a smile.

“I am not playing a card or game of any kind, but you’re standing too long for yourself, honey, is not good for you and you very well know why.” Will stated, gather two more cups, taking the last seat, sliding one to Kate, and with his own brought to his lips to blow and cool the steam, letting the silent fill in the air.

The echoing of the blows came, and in time, he took a sip.

“Have we all calmed down?”

A muffle grumble near him was heard, ignoring the colorful words that came within gruffer words, as another much softer tone was heard, and that was equally as vibrant.

“I’ll take that as a maybe.” He started out with, having another sip before setting the cut down, eyes on his daughter. “Kate, we are both worry about what happen. Now, I’ll state it now, yes you are in trouble . . . but we’re just happy your home, so please.”

“I don’t know how to tell you. Even if I start the beginning, dad, even I’m lost.”

He gave a nod, happy to have gotten something, looking over to his wife, along with that easy smile in place.

“Have anything to add, honey, or are you going to pout-a-fit about this all day or hug her that she’s safely home?”

The sneak of the rolling of the eyes didn’t go amiss, and the arms finally unfolded, and wrapped around Kate, pulling her close in.

Will gave a huff a sigh when feeling the tension of the room leave, taking another sip, shaky jiggers be damned of what could have happen.

Words broke out when the hug was done.

“How is Parkland, when you saw her, estrellita?”

“Not hurt, got most likely the wind knocked out of her . . . from what that cacatúa de insecto de ojos de una enfermera said.”

Her father an eyebrow to her words and tone, as her mother gave a slit pat on her hand, but neither of the two spoke out.

“Alright . . .” Her mother started with, than added. “Anything else you like to attach”

“Nothing; that I: can demine nor conferment at this moment of time, sorry.”

In a moment that Kate looked down at her cup; bring it to drink, as she missed a moment her parents glance at one another.

Her mother gave a sign with a sigh. Father responded with a light nod.

“Okay, Kate, you’re off the hook for now, grounded, but off the hook.”

“Oh? What is now . . . a month with no tech and can’t leave with someone holding my hand or something?”

Her mother gave a giggled, but slightly slipped. “It was going to be a week and three days. But if you want a month, I don’t think we can do much about it.”

“Hey!” Kate frivolously bawled with a grin.

“Ah, ah, ah, no, you made the rules. Room; now; all techno in a basket: outside your door before dinner. March on now!” Her father stated, giving a mock salute.

A tried groan was heard behind the cup as Kate finishes her tea and left the room. In soon, the silent filled the room once more.

“You think we were too hard?”

“Oh Will.”

“What, it’s a stander question.”

His wife a huff to his words, standing slowly out of her chair, taking the now empty cups and placing them in the sink, starting the little water hose on hot to soak them, even as she started to lather soap on the small cups, her husband slump in chair, eyes at the opening that lead to the hallway.

A faint sound of a door opening, closing, and repeating the only thing heard from then on.

“If anything, other parents would think we take child caring as a joke.”

“Neither you nor I have cared of what other thinks.”

“No, but fair enough.”

“I was thinking of stopping by the Monkey household, you know, say greetings and all.”

“I’m they just want to be with just family at this moment, mi corazón de astilla.”

“Thought we were family to them?”

An elastic chuckle was heard, shoulders slump with a half rise shrug.

“After dinner . . .”

“. . . and be home before sunset.”

She glances over her shoulder to his smile.

“How did I ever marry a man like you?”

“I never question it, but I sure lucky it was you to I fell for.”

“You too, honey.”

With a cough breaking the two’s conversation, they look to see their daughter holding a box.

“Sure I come back later?”

“Okay that is fine.”

“Please, did you have something to say?”

Kate slowly stepped away, and said. “I’ll come back later.” To that, dashed off, with a door coming to shut not far behind, having it echoed for it.

“Yep, we are feeling like parents of the year now.”

“Embarrassing a child is in the stasis quote.”

The End.



Spanish Translations/

I’m so angry, happy, scared for what could have happen. You told me . . . that you were heading out and seeing friends, and next you’re brought home and . . . I hear from Parkland’s mother that she’s in the infirmary. Child, you better start talking! —- Estoy tan enojado, feliz, por lo que pudo suceder. Dijiste que me… que ibas y ver amigos y siguiente estás trajo a su casa y… Oigo a la madre de un parque que está en la enfermería. Niño, empieza a hablar


Little star —- Estrellita


bug-eye cockatoo of a nurse —- cacatúa de insecto de ojos de una enfermera


My sliver heart —- mi corazón de astilla


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