He stood by the building, eyeing each brick of the structure. Towards the high windows, face slack of any emotion, study something that couldn’t be seen, to what this man was looking to.

Hidden quietly in the dense man-made afforest, blending well, even garbed in red.

The chest flex in relaxing motion.

The deed in intellect was done, rolling, hopefully not coming to sudden stop.

When voices of those common mind were heard, in rely, glimpse towards. Eyes study each head that walked through the parking lot. Mere chance peek goes to the amputee. In stretch, a grim frown came upon, but in time it fades.

Another sigh exhaled before finally looking away.

He debates shortly what to do now, stay or follow.

Come one step, it was made, follow he does.

Steal a look towards the building once more, when seeing a familiar man: that grunts a growl from the man clothed in red.

Shaking it off, he marches off, not far from the road path the hurt girl’s family took.

“We’re almost there, my dear, almost.”

The End . . .?

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