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My uncle owned my local comic book store for about 20 years and I got into comics when I was about 12 and because I wanted to see superheroes in their original medium as opposed to animated TV shows that I love to this day. I eventually ended up with a trade paperback of the first 10 issues of the Avengers by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and as unbelievably corny as it was it was awesome and great stuff. I had also been keeping up with the comic book movies and after the disappointment of Spider-man 3 I hoped Iron Man would be an improvement. It was more than an improvement, but it was excellent! Being a geek I stayed till after the credits and I couldn’t believe that an Avengers movie was possibly being planned! Finally after 4 years of companion movies and after the credit endings the Avengers is finally here!!!!!!!!!! I know I’m a little late with this review and my opinion is obvious, but this movie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall and I want to stress the word overall that this is the best and most entertaining comic book movie ever!!!! With its excellent characterizations and cast, the solid story, excellent witty writing, and fantastic action scenes this summer movie season started out with one hell of a bang! If I had to pick a favorite movie of 2012 it would probably be this one and we’re only half way through the year!


Now the interesting thing about Avengers that separates it from other excellent comic book movies like The Dark Knight is that Avengers’s story is basic and straightforward while TDK was complex and philosophical in nature. I have to admit that TDK clearly has the better story, but I don’t blame the Avengers for taking this straightforward approach because of the type of movie it is. This is a team movie and in team movies with this many leading characters story MUST take a back seat and have the movie be focused on the characters and the interactions between them. Which leads me to the next point.



Another unique thing about the Avengers being a team movie is that its characters are truly an ensemble cast! The film is so excellently paced that each character including side characters like Nick Fury, Loki, Agent Maria Hill, and Agent Coulson have their time in the spotlight and are perfectly balanced. The casting is top notch and everyone is on their game and in my opinion they are better than they were in their original movies.  The classic fights between the team members are present and are very well done and are short and sweet.


The best thing about the characters in my opinion is the interactions between them in their dialogue! These characters are written excellently! Joss Whedon understands these characters and respects these characters and does a fantastic job! The evolution from the tension between the team and their eventual comradery and teamwork is an extremely satisfying thing to see. Another thing worth noting is the humor! Whedon has written an incredibly funny script and every character gets at least 3-5 really good jokes in. If the audience wasn’t cheering they were laughing. I think the best jokes were with the Hulk and if you’ve seen the movie I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! (P.S I owe Mr. Mark Ruffalo an apology because I thought that he wouldn’t do a good job as Banner and I was completely 10000000000% WRONG!!! He was excellent! He is the best Banner/Hulk! With the exception of the animated series Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD)




The film was very well done the effects look great and I like the costumes( I’m not a nitpicky fanboy as long as it captures the spirit of the costume and doesn’t look too stupid I’m okay with it) and how every character fights differently and how their diverse fighting styles are used together to kick some alien ass! The action scenes are very well done and that entire climax in the city is absolutely riveting and is excellent! I liked the Cg okay and if I were I would save your money and not see it in 3D because it looks amazing in normal.




Although the story is basic in comparison to other comic book movies the excellent casting, direction, humor, pacing, characterizations/ character interactions, and action scenes you have the best and most entertaining comic book movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t seen it already what is your problem? Be sure to stay after the credits because there are two scenes. One of them is during the credits where the next villain is introduced and one after the credits are over and it is a funny and completely silent scene that makes sense if you listen to what Tony Stark says during the fight in the city about a place he wants to go to.

VERDICT: 5 Cosmic Cubes out of 5


Coming Attractions


Okay I actually have a plan for my reviews this summer (out of date). The next review will be my long overdue review of the Lion King! I’m writing my final for Mythology by doing a mythical interpretation of the film so I thought it would be convenient to do a review of that great movie despite it being a ripoff. Next I will review a beloved childhood favorite of mine a great anime film called Unico and the Island of Magic! I believe I owe you a World Showcase don’t I? I believe it was Wonderland that I said I was going to do next. After that I’ll do a compilation review of the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD (Ultimate Spider-man and Avengers are great shows you should be watching them!) And last, but certainly not least I will be in full geek mode because I will constantly be talking about TRON: Uprising on Disney XD which looks awesome! That’s all I’ve got for today and I hope you join me next time for my review of one of the highest grossing Disney movies ever the Lion King!!


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