Hello and welcome to another Outstanding Content of the Week. Without further ado let’s get started.

For Text Blogs:

In seventh place is jashykins for her analysis of the relationship between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross in the 2008 film, The Incredible Hulk. https://www.manic-expression.com/shipping-confessions-bruce-bannerbetty-ross-the-incredible-hulk-2008/


In sixth place is Pretty Boy for giving his thought on how Star Trek should celebrate its 50th anniversary. https://www.manic-expression.com/in-too-deep-how-should-star-trek-celebrate-its-50th-anniversary/


In fifth place is alexthed for his defense of The Lone Ranger. https://www.manic-expression.com/alex-and-his-pen-defending-the-lone-ranger/


In fourth place is Moviefan12 for his look at songs sung by Rapunzel. https://www.manic-expression.com/13530/


In third place is Les for his and James Walsh’s piece on whether or not Bella Swan is a horrible role model for girls. https://www.manic-expression.com/old-blogs-saved-4-is-bella-swan-a-horrible-role-model-for-girls-2-concerned-dads-discussby-les-and-james-daniel-walsh/


In second place is T-Kun Unusual Wordsmith III for her poem “The Dysfunctional Family.” https://www.manic-expression.com/manic-expression-the-dysfunctional-family/


And the winner is, or Outstanding Blog of the Week, is…


CarJunkie gives his thoughtws on the 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T. https://www.manic-expression.com/first-drive-2015-dodge-challenger-rt/

And so, raise your glasses for the traditional OBotW toast. “Here’s to you, CarJunkie.”

For Videos

In sixth place is jashykins for hers and Kheetor84’s Animorphs discussion. https://www.manic-expression.com/with-extra-happy-l-ep-1-l-lets-do-this/


In fifth place is pbmiranda for hers, Kevin’s and Tom “Indexsonic Carter’s discussion of Sonic The Hedgehog. https://www.manic-expression.com/old-school-lane-casual-chats-episode-32-sonic-the-hedgehog/


In fourth place is bobbert33 for his review of Sonic and the Black Knight. https://www.manic-expression.com/bobberts-reviews-sonic-and-the-black-knight/


In third place is The Second Opinion for his review of “Magical Mystery Cure.” https://www.manic-expression.com/non-brony-reviews-magical-mystery-cure/


In second place is timmer for his review of the G.I. Joe DIC cartoon “A is for Android.” https://www.manic-expression.com/half-the-battle-85-a-is-for-android/


And the winner, for Outstanding Video of the Week, Is…


BigBlackHatMan gives his historical perspective on the U.S. Constitution. https://www.manic-expression.com/historical-perspective-the-u-s-constitution/

And so, raise your glasses for the traditional OBotW toast. “Here’s to you, BigBlackHatMan.” Since you are this week’s winner, BigBlackHatMan, you can have your video posted on the official Manic Expression YouTube page.

For a chance to be next week’s winner for Outstanding Content of the Week, all you have to do is nominate your blog and/or video.

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