Today marks the 400th blog and for a moment I had no idea of what to do, but finally taken a break and greatly being bad at spelling, from time to time, I found an interesting site that is all about keeping words intact that are almost forgotten from the world dictionary. You can find the full site here: and with that said, enjoy . . . definitions will be at the end.



When it comes to life,
it is a small matter that chains itself on one’s being.

In such spoken words as this,
it would rely on the simple letters that form the words all speak,
be them few;
larger than life itself;
and what some carry on their shoulders.

Knowing enough,
all those around the world hold onto to those letters,
even when some don’t hold the same meaning as others.
For some go beyond what letters can do,
or keep a smaller dose for that’s all they need.

For someone such as me,
the maker of this little note of a poem,
I look back onto something.
Something that not just I learned:
but all of us at sometime at a young age or maybe even holding onto even now.

So do whatever it is you wish to do,
for this elegy is foundation on the alphabet of terminology almost forgotten.
It sounds silly,
but it’s a couplet I wish to do,
so let’s began.

If there a chance to look at something,
be it that of an ABSCIND matter,
focus on what matters;
before looking at bigger can be one downfall if not careful,
for that is the matter of blindness hold more than to never see again.

coming for all of this,
there is at least one moment to notice for what it is.
What that is become as undemanding,
to know only as the BUGABOO that can come,
if one is to honestly try,
and breakthrough,
than what it really is.

Oh that never disappearing fear being called nor be known as a CACK,
letting other thinking that no matter how hard one tries,
everything will only been known as thus,
meaningless and pointless,
for all want to become notice but just as easy to be a lost caused.

To raise,
DEASIL just in moon fading;
to the darkness:
but motion to the brightness.

Not every thing has to be seen as an Eikonology mind trick.
What means to become:
capital nothing to as else tell,
company a thorn to a rose,
who is who,
is another as unspoken word.

Words of numerous will stream through suchlike ears will eavesdrop,
standing a clear,
but powerful FALSILOQUENCE that will blasted it way,
not at the rightful time,
but it will be heard,
only the need to wait for it.

An echoing GARDYLOO from those who lack faith in others will,
no doubt,
bleed ears for them to end, come so,
twist the body into an arch,
not infringement but too form a shape that couldn’t take the blows nor run from it,
but alas;
the error red words can do so much,
if given the chance.

Tough bones and a leather brain that’s fears not to speak with HARDIHOOD,
chances of being a solid form,
comes in wise vocabulary,
than what just makes assurance appear,
when in seen through,
it is hollow.

is what is needed to be left behind,
for in hopes,
if anything else,
that won’t be forgotten.

Form the blue collar or white collar,
dyelines of immediately countenance to obscure JAZZBO,
doing what characterizes personality,
is all it,
in actuality subjects at the conclusion of it,
each and every one.

but a risk,
a jeopardy that needs to take leading formerly it is perceived . . .
wish it all of a narrow horror,
and nonentity further.

Oh so sure,
that a LIBIDINIST or two will shout about,
earning more in so of having eyes of them,
away from all those to know,
there is much,
much entertaining fairs;
that can expand or have done so,
under one’s blind eye.

will . . .
are what it takes,
wasted if not used right,
but inclined that possibly MOLOCHIZE is the only way at epoch’s hour passing’s roads.

For even in skepticism,
that eternal feel of hush NERVINE will follow through,
joisting the blood to climb and nippy ahead the organs’,
thus leaving the unfinished is not a choice anymore.

The one goal to all this,
that one prize to show,
of what the extraordinary individuals can do,
to the point of others OBMUTESECENT is the sheer,
just vertical trinket at the end of it all,
and dare to gloat,
to say,
from the hopeless gutters to the golden transoms.

Others could speak of anything of this of this,
of what one would do,
that the mere POTTER of one’s own ways of industry existence and making bread wins along,
the long ways of inhalation,
comes as cheap tricks,
useless and dint smolder.

It take;
a moderately of,
a unassuming or enthusiasm QUIDAM,
to branch out with a fast talking voice,
that will,
change the world enough,
to keep spinning,
but changing forward in time,
that maybe,
near or distance,
an imperative personage will listen.

Come now;
and never be that RAGABASH that all,
think of you or any other to be, present are possessions to be whispered,
in that opportunity,
they should never be . . .
shut out.

Oh fear yes,
of the SYRT,
of how lies,
and feelings;
get the best and swallow one’s heart whole,
but to wander,
broken and batter,
but so very much alive.

Don’t believe,
even at this point,
look into some deep THAUMATOLOGY degrees,
you may just shock,
not just yourself,
but others who are also fill with hopeless dreams,
that just need a phenomenon,
and in that wonder is believe in nature of solitary.

In just unadorned terms,
with strapping compassions,
what could be,
earned in being notice of what,
one can be,
UNZYMOTIC to the mind that is full of ideas,
and just thoughts that many,
could have never dared said,
for no one would have listen,
that is . . .
until now.

Look to the VENTANA,
breath in the sight it will hold,
the yearn to open,
and see even,
more beyond of openness that will,
grasp one’s will to be part of it,
hear the winds,
and go if that whisper,
is loud enough . . .
or so quiet that you run to it.

Have it in you now!
That WIGHT that lingers in your blood,
ready to face the world,
or do you still stand back . . .
come off it now and do it!

There does no need of XYSTUS,
no longer,
for this world;
will hear the influences . . .
if they don’t want it!

It is the YAPNESS that gets many going,
need nothing else to say,
as all can understand that alone.

All in all,
if you have that ZIZZ,
to only necessitate expressing,
when there is nothing,
in the world to do,
for that’s all one and many want to do,

And in the end,
have good follow hours of daylight and nighttime to come,
as we have this poem come to a close,
bidding all now,
until next time.



 Abscond – to pare, reduce, cut off or away
Bugaboo – loud or empty nonsense
Cack – rubbish; worthless nonsense
Deasil – sunwise motion
Eikonology – metaphor
Falsiloquence – deceitful speech
Gardyloo – warning cry
Hardihood – boldness; audacity
Ichnogram – footprint
Jazzbo – slapstick comedy
Kakorrhaphiophobia – fear of failure
Libidinist – lewd person
Molochize – to sacrifice
Nervine – quieting; soothing nervous excitement
Obmutescent – speechless; persistently silent
Potter – to busy oneself with trifling tasks
Quidam – a certain person; somebody
Ragabash – idle worthless fellow
Syrt – quicksand
Thaumatology – study of miracles
Unzymotic – fabulous
Ventana – window
Wight – a supernatural man-like being or X nimble; strong; courageous X
Xystus – covered walkway for exercises
Yapness – hunger
Zizz – sparkle; vim

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