After reading a blog by richb’s list for songs that picked him up and in response; it gave me an idea on doing something like he did, but with a more poetic blend. All videos and songs belong to their rightful owners (So watch if you wish to). The songs do range from just being a “Hell Yeah” pick me up to good beats to awesome lyrics to maybe a fond memory and/or certain impact during when growing up. With that said, enjoy.



Loss of spirit happens to many hearts,
Gone in a lighting strike,
But slips back, in hush,
A lone salamander finding its way home,
Remaining intact,
Compare to broken mirror glass before.

Walking on the sun is the best way to sum it up,
Blisters may come, painfully,
But hey,
That’s life for all to live.

Come forth of this world,
Battle on and be something others,
Wished before and never got, or have,
To for others,
Or one own self,
Live like a warrior in this jungle war of misused empathy.

Sheer moments when others may give up,
On the future,
Someone or anyone will let the words slip,
“When I grow up”,
With a wide smile and be something, proud,
With no fear of what’s to come.

What it takes to be brave is also what other call,
Stupid or a coward, thoughtless,
But alas in kinder minds,
They are just words that could hurt,
Or in better ways just drift away,
That as a left on a river in summertime . . .

That stirs as a dance,
Wanting you to move your body,
Along in its anomalous rhythm, uncompress,
That has no tune to neither follow nor lead.

Come to try and that party in my head,
And within yours and wallop a instant to become, slowly but sure,
Something others find absurd.

If you can break free from that chain,
That binds you to stay still and tread on an oath,
Not of yours,
You’re going go far, kid,
So live it now!

For as soon as you make your dance steps,
The chances of finding others who agree and hope for more, a smug to some,
They become something,
In an unlikely place we are family of the ridiculous,
Who want nothing more to than utter it.

There is no doubt after that,
Sheer splinters maybe but, think,
As anyone else,
I like it loud,
To show what the difference between all,
There really is,
Besides just black and white,
Look hard enough there could a rainbow.

Before long,
There it will be,
As an everlasting memory,
In the hall of fame, simple,
But there it is,
A lockdown of who did something,
In changing not the whole world,
But got it spinning again!

March forth to a different drum,
It’s not that hard,
Doing in so as that lone,
Buffalo soldier, strong but,
Aiming for chances not all thought to have!

Hang in,
It will come if you still have disbelief in mere words,
One Day, surely,
It will happen.

Heavy thunder there to awaken you from,
This deep sleep of depression, you provoke,
Yourself to drown in,
But when hearing that
Boom, Boom, Boom,
You’ll wake up.

That is now,
If any eyes find this sorry excuse you claim yourself to be,
Do this, along,
A single word,
And do it of whatever creative you carry.

Through heaven’s eyes,
Or the concluded hell’s peepers,
They less near who you are,
Again, really,
They are only words to what sticks and stones,
Can do . . .

Beware in certain ways,
Second chance,
Will present, in secret,
But will come to you in need.

If a first step is needed,
Than have this in mind, and say them along
Here’s to never growing up can save a life,
An inner life

And when in doubt,
Just Dance,
Crazily simple, no,
Well give it a try.

Cast it as a spell,
A winterspell, freezing,
The memory not to forget it,
For you want to be remembered.

Or better yet,
Let it play out as a song,
An earth song, yes,
Soft and humble to ears,
But still remaining as it was.

What else there now,
But to do better,
Surpass it, go beyond,
Turn that stone into a bridge,
And in time cross it!

I know and understand,
People are people,
Changing their ways is trying to change,
How the world spins and commanding stars to fall,
Dreaminess but not real . . .

Forever in thought,
All the small things,
Mean something, more so,
Than the bigger stuff,
But you got to open your eyes to see that.

It would trying to keep a,
Pocket of sunshine,
Again, a dream,
But it is only real once you wake and do.

Falling into the ocean,
Of lies and truths,
But alas, finally,
You know how things work,
And now can revolutionize them.

Scream all you want on the bothering,
Oh no, oh my,
Oh dear it is nothing but a mind trick.

Others only than want to know,
And recall what is left,
When things are said and done,
And in the end,
To remember the name, so,
Be it!

Leaves nothing left but
To run the show,
Proudly and wildly, alas,
But it is true.

Chances of misusing and misleading,
What this could mean,
Varies, sadly,
Only than to do the wise and try,
Breaking the habit that wasn’t yours to own!

It could over soon or never,
Be a day,
Maybe one week from now,
Or never, again sad,
But in time it will.

Confusing or not,
You may have found your way,
But I can’t say for you,
Love me or hate me, that is,
My game that I play sadly well!

Let just be know,
Under the title of smooth criminal, whom,
Plays on a whim to try and stand out.

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