Slowly is comes together,

Bending the laws and being out of the odes that confide it.

Tremble little hands,
grasp for it,
and chance it.

Rise and fall,
slowly come as whole,
in time,
understanding we all have.

Up and down,
once falls but again stands.

Whimpers to give are heard,
but short lived.


And tired in doing so,
laws of this,
mended in bent circles.

Move with grace that is not there,
but any fear,
no one will care.

Keep going,
across the path that is made,

Go on, step ahead,
shakily but sureness is there.

A few more and a sudden fall,
whimpers come and go.

Rise and move,
go on,
across so.

In time,
each step is made,
another that can’t be repeated.

A step forward,
a stumble it was for all,
but one all took.

As a baby to tot to child to teen to adult,
steps structure.

Aging in quicker time,
grace comes,
in stumbles but in passing of life.

Growing up, in troubles,
leave in glances for those who keep looking forward.

Only looking back with a fever cold grin of relief,
a goodbye and thanks,
stumbles again as clockwork.

Stumbles step of age,
moving life as one saw fit,
and with that,
stopped sighed as the road stops.

Leaving one thing left and fell to bending knees,
as the road was out of stone.

Come upon that grin,
closed the eyes in peace,
and died.

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