What does a mirror hold?

Where does one mind go to?

Do the eyes only look skin deep?

Or farther beyond the looking glass?

Some only go as far making a change on oneself,

Some go on changing others.

The mind focuses on looks,

The heart focuses on life,

The eyes glance on the matters,

The legs decide the way of doing it.

Desire of looking better or doing better,

Is one vain matter!

Desire on making change and seeing it through,

Is a hospitable challenge!

So when the words,

Mirror oh mirror . . .

The question after,

Defines you,

And your outlook on the world!

Believe it or not,

That’s just how it is,

And the reason things take the longest,

To forever count of change!

Be vain and let others see only you!

Be helpful makes something of you!

Be confuse on what’s right and wrong,

And carry on,

Because it seems those who are seen,

As the dumb,

The pointless,

Waste of space,

Seem to be doing something right!

Mirror oh mirror,

In this hideous being,

Will this equal of a dreadful world,

Come to answer,

Or forever lost?

An answer of any kind is welcome,

Than the answers already left behind,

By those who only go skin deep,

And leave the rest alone.

Mirror oh mirror,


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