Disneyland’s New Attractions Review 


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The first week of April I went to Disneyland for the first time in 4 years. A lot has changed and I couldn’t wait to experience the new attractions that opened in 2010 and 2011. This will be a very short look at 3 new attractions that have graced the Disneyland Resort of Anaheim!


World of Color

This is the major one I wanted to talk about. This show pretty much took up my first morning at the park. I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and since I was a resort guest I could get a Fastpass for the preferred viewing of World of Color. After going into the Magic Kingdom at 7 am (early entry being another perk of a resort guest) I left at around 8:45 to go meet my mom at the Grand Californian Hotel and use the entrance to California Adventure to get there at 9 am to get the Fastpasses and from there we went to the Paradise Pier Bridge and waited till the opening of California Adventure at 10am. We then proceeded directly to Toy Story Mania (surprisingly fun ride, but the early morning entry is the only way to go because the horrendously long line after that isn’t worth it!) As the day went on we did all the things that must be done on a trip to Disneyland. As the time for the show approached (9 pm starting time) we returned to California Adventure and took our standing position, but were stuck behind a few rows of people so our viewing was good, but not great. Now for the show itself. I had seen the show on youtube, but it’s nothing like being there and I know my comments about this show in my Fantasmic celebration may have been presumptuous, but now that I’ve actually seen it I was right! While World of Color is a fine show it is nothing more than just a glorified clip show. It is however the prettiest damn clip show you’ve ever seen. It’s just that this show was marketed as the next Fantasmic and it’s nothing like anyone has ever experienced and it blows the mind! No!!!!!!!! This is not the next Fantasmic! Plus we’ve seen this type of show before this show is just the best of this type of show. While pretty and beautiful to look at and does serve the job as spectacle very well doesn’t blow my mind! This is a perfect example of Disney trying and failing to duplicate Fantasmic and it just doesn’t measure up. Fantasmic is one of those 1 time deals that is absolute perfection. The main reason why this show while very good is inferior is because that there is no real story it’s as I said a clip show. The clips are just scenes or numbers from movies that we’ve not only seen a billion times, but also own on DVD and Blu Ray although I must admit the segments are great especially Part of Your World there’s just no story or transitions pulling them together to make a great show be a fantastic and amazing one. When Disney promises me a nighttime spectacular I expect to see their absolute best and here I didn’t see it. I saw greatness, but not brilliance and amazement. If you’ve seen World of Color before and have to choose between Fantasmic and that see Fantasmic. If you haven’t seen World of Color check it out at least once and then Fantasmic will take priority.


The Little Mermaid Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got to ride the Little Mermaid attraction in California Adventure!!! This was a cute little ride!!! It’s the latest darkride to be added in the parks. While the concept is mainly that of a darkride the actual ride mechanics are actually the same as the Haunted Mansion where guests ride in a shell that constantly moves along the track and focuses the rider’s attention on a scene with the constantly moving escalator type floor to board and deboard the clam. I love the effect that is used to make us feel like we’re going under the sea and we go into the ocean and we go up to the surface when Ariel becomes human. The scenes are very well staged and it’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great addition to California Adventure and it even has the kick ass mural in the queue wall!! An excellent attraction that I ended up riding about 5-6 times!


Star Tours the Adventures Continue!


Oh MAN!!! THIS IS AWESOME!! This was advertised like mad and you know what the advertising was true this ride is awesome! I’m not really going to talk about anything because I will not spoil anything! GO TO DISNEYLAND AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!! I was afraid this was going to suck and not be as good the original which is very dear to my heart, but no it’s better! Any Star Wars fan will smile with absolute glee at all the in jokes and reference while waiting in line as well as on the ride itself!! Pure glee and it is without a doubt that the Force is strong with this attraction!



I hope you enjoyed my brief look at the new prominent Disneyland attractions that I experienced during my trip! Join me next time where I look at another Disney sequel!!!!!!!!!!! Which one is it? Well let me see…… Oh yes I know (casts bibbidi bobbidi boo) Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time!!


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