I just rented this from GameFly and that was the shortest amount of time I’ve had a game rental.

I, like many have heard nothing but good things about this game.
I’m sure that it is in fact a good game.
However, I don’t like being locked behind a pay wall just to play a game.

If you do not have the precious Gold Membership do not waste your time renting this game.

From what I hear (subject to fact checking) there is a single player campaign. If that’s true, requiring me to mandatory pay for gold in order to play it is ridiculous.

I also feel sorry for people who don’t want a Gold Membership and bought this triple A priced game only to have to plonk down extra money just to be able to play it.

I just recently got rid of my Gold Membership because I don’t need it or use it. Every other “Free With Gold” game is a horrible budget title. If there is something I want I don’t have room on my hard drive for it.

Also, the main reason I got it to begin with was to be able to watch Blip.tv and YouTube videos on my TV. However, YouTube is now available to “Silver Members” and Blip.tv has discontinued the xbox app (even though it still updates with new video listings that are unplayable)

Only rent if you already pay for Gold

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