There are times when one can oddly be mistaken for another. Rare moments for only what one does very similar to another. The times of morning, midday, and evening of the sun, differ from one god to another. Ra is vastly known for his greatness in midday. Center for all to see and bask in all of his glory.

But what for the evening or the morning? For evening it is understandable, the end. The end of day, of light, of meaning. Only knowing that there is nothing left but darkness. All are begging for Ra to return.

Yet, one is forgotten because of this. Khepri, a beetle god. A god who blindly pushes the sun above the sand. Lighten the sky from dull colors to brightness.

All while hoping Ra survives his everlasting battle with his brother in the bowls of hell. Looking back before the realm is quickly closed off, hearing the yells of war before nothing. Khepri may never know the bond Ra and his brother once had before that was harshly wiped away.

Still, Khepri carries it on low bow shoulder, for that weight it great. But he takes it. For he shows he tries to understand what Ra feels. Lacking that when midday comes, Ra is alone to deal with everything alone.

Khepri, a green horn, has a lot to learn. Even at so many years that have gone by, he still mistakes simple things the gods and goddess do. For only, he didn’t have the right teachings. Only having Ra and Atum, to guide him. Out of kindness or that someone needed to quickly be the morning sun for the people.

For they could have hope. And still, as words echoed about the sands. He lacks, for he is a simple god, as the beetles he was born around. But others don’t push him aside, they push him in the right path. Just as the beetles.

For that is all he knows. That is all he sees things before him. And hopefully, that weight on his shoulders will come lighter and with more understanding.

The End.

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