Trouble has come in a fussy way,
That as a new born baby,
Needing tenderness,
And care wherever it can get it.

This is what happens when getting something unknowingly new,
A site like this is young,
When before,
It was a teen ready to go off on its own and it didn’t need anyone,
Ready to move onto the next step . . .

Is moving out of one home and making a fresh start on life,
A rare step at one time,
It would be forever before it happen,
But it did,
And now it’s choosy in a safe way of saying.

Maybe before not all of us knew how this went,
But we are now,
As this place is a community,
We are also a dysfunctional family,
And needs to calmly take a breather and soon,
Or we’re going to fall apart on bitter terms.

This site is taking it as growing child does,
A baby that needs watching around the clock,
To a tot that is growing but is still to be watch and care for . . .
Or something bad might happen,
Like a choking hazard,
Immensely moving it’s a young child that is getting the grasps of things,
That is moving to a teen that is going to make mistakes . . .
Again we’ll be needed to set things right,
Before we know it is an adult.

How so,
Because we did this,
A dysfunctional family that tried,
Bickering we no doubt did,
But we tried together,
Don’t make me beg for this family to keep,
From falling apart,

We’ll get this right,
But not alone,
Manic Expression needs us . . .

For the sake of everything we did before,
Can’t we try with level-heads again!

I’m on my knees here,
Don’t make me see a family I have come to respect for,
Fade away like this,
Because of a few oops of setbacks!

This is Manic Expression,
Not just a site to articulate,
But a family that I will keep repeating we are until,
My dying breath or when everyone wakes up,
Whichever comes first . . .
Hoping the latter,
Because that would just hurt,
To cease and see no progress,
That is not this site.

This is a home for everyone willing,
Enough to express with glee,
Let’s keep that in mind,

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