Another week, another unexpected celebrity death which leaves us feeling sad. As you no doubt know by now Joan River passed away today. I was one of those people who really liked Rivers, though much like with Robin Williams it wasn’t her stand-up I enjoyed. In fact she was a little to vulgar in her stand up act. No, I enjoyed her in other things which I will quickly list. I first came to be aware of her when she was center in square in the 80’s version of Hollywood Squares. This is probably not the version most think of but I loved that show and Joan Rivers was a huge part of why. Of course my second favorite Joan Rivers role was as the droid Dox Matrix in Spaceballs. She was really funny with almost every line she said. Of course I was way to young to watch her appearances on The Tonight Show or her ill fated late night show of her own. The story of how Carson and she never spoke after she had landed that show is pretty famous. She also appeared on Regis & Kathie Lee quite often not to mention every other talk show ever made, and in fact she had her very own daytime talk show for awhile. And it did very well! I watched it a lot and even have an episode on tape which I may just dig out when I finish this. There were way to many roles and appearances to list including a clever cameo in Muppets Take Manhattan and a regular role in the less than great sitcom Suddenly Susan. But I think she will be best remembered for her red carpet fashion work on the Oscars and Emmy’s and everything else. There was something about the way she talked about fashion that made it sound more intelligent than idle gossip. I don’t care about fashion and even I checked in with her opinions after some award shows. There is a reason why E! had her in so many fashion shows, because it was clear she knew her stuff! I should also mention she won on Celebrity Apprentice but I didn’t really watch it. But the thing I most admired about her was her sense of humor. She had dozens of plastic surgeries and wasn’t shy about poking fun at herself. She seemed to know how to enjoy life and considering some of the hardships she had that is remarkable. She was also a major pioneer in the early days of television, not to many women were successful stand up comedians in the old days. Oh sure she could be controversial and say the wrong thing (I totally get whu some may hater her) but I enjoyed watching her whenever she popped up on screen because she was a guaranteed laugh no matter what she was in.



It’s been a tough year for celebrities passing, especially from the world of comedy. You know, don’t take this the wrong way but I find myself wishing I could hear her thoughts on the fact she passed away. I am sure whatever she would have said, it would have been clever, insightful and funny. She was a funny lady and will be missed.

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