Who doesn’t love C3PO and R2D2? They were the comic relief in the Star Wars movies but were so much fun to watch. Especially R2. I still remember the C3PO action figure I had that came apart (ala Empire Strikes Back). To this day I can hear the clanking noise the parts made when they fell off onto the table. R2D2 was always my favorite to, I loved the way he charged in and saved the day! I know had an R2 toy or clock or something growing up.

I bet you’re thinking this is going to talk about all the great moments of these two from the Star Wars movies.


C3PO and R2D2 were so popular that they were all over the place in TV of the 70’s and 80’s. Don’t believe me? Check this out!






I guess it makes sense, if you’re going advertise the movie do it with most likable stars. C3PO and R2D2 have hawked a kinds of stuff. They were in a commercial for the Star Wars toy line. They appeared in an add for a Burger King knock-off in the 70’s. Yes, really. They have done some car commercials overseas. They were in ads for an appliance store named Curry’s. R2D2 introduced the TRS-81 personal computer. They both appeared in an Underoos ad (with Boba Fett!). But the craziest and my favorite? How about C3PO hawking his own cereal? I am almost sure I tried C3PO’s and liked them. The commercial is a classic of the 80’s. Hey that’s not so bad, Darth Vader has done ads for Energizer, Priceline, and Target. Yes I’m serious.


The cereal ad is HERE

The burger ad is HERE






#4.Smoking PSA


Yeah this is technically a commercial but it so unique that I figured it deserved a special  mention. We all know this one. C3PO is doing…something, when he sees smoke coming from R2. Turns out he’s smoking! And you thought Greg Brady smoking was shocking!! And basically C3PO explains why one should not smoke. Honestly it makes no sense. At all. R2D2 douses it when C3PO explains that while they are not human they should set a good example. Yeah the fact R2D2 is smoking is so dumb it is in the dialogue. As much I am against smoking myself, yeah even I admit this was just silly.






Disney Hollywood Studios


Oh hell yes my friends, Star Tours! I guess this is a cheat since it is a Star Wars product but I decided it counts because it’s freaking Disney World!! The first Star Tours they weren’t the attraction as much as they were their to advertise the attraction. You see while you stood in line the two were standing there commenting on different things to amuse the crowd. Of course the actual ride had a character we’ve never seen before. But it was still cool! Then the new version came along. It looks like they have a larger role in the revised Star Tours as C3PO actually “hosts” the show(with Darth Vader! Awesome!!) but I’ve only seen the updated version on YouTube I am sad to say. Plus from what I have seen C3P0 has walked around Disney greeting people. I watched the video….that is just bizarre. I have a big problem with how Disney has commercialized Star Wars but that’s a different article. And I admit, getting to meet C3PO and R2D2 does make the kid inside smile.

(FYI after watching this on YouTube I really need to get to Florida!!)

Clip of the C3PO greeting guests is HERE






2.Sesame Street


I had a hard time deciding which appearance which stranger, this or my number one. Finally I decided this was only the second strangest. This (and the next selection) actually makes logical sense when you think about it. Frank Oz was the man who created and performed Yoda so it only makes sense George Lucas would return the favor and allow his characters on Sesame Street. All well and good….but this is still soooooo sureal!!! Not only do the two talk to Big Bird, but they sing a song with him!! In another bit R2D2 confesses his love for a fire hydrant. Sure. I still remember seeing this as a kid and having no idea what I was watching. It was just….wrong somehow. It’s one of those things you grow up wondering “did I actually see that or somehow dream it?” By the way they actually appeared twice. One they explained how they got there and the other time they were just, kind of there.


The best clip I could find is HERE. Tell me this isn’t nuts!




But my friends nothing compares to my #1. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s….

#1. The Muppet Show


No I am not kidding. This happened! Show of hands, who remember the Star Wars episode? Ok let me start at the beginning. The episode starts like any other..when suddenly Luke Skywalker, C3PO, and R2D2 suddenly crash through the wall on a search for Chewbacca. No really, I am not making this up! The three appear in a Pigs in Space sketch (well of course they do) and Mark Hamill does get to appear out of character. And thankfully Star Wars doesn’t take over the whole show there are some typical Muppet bits. But is a fantastic Star Wars show and at the end they find Chewbacca (yes he appears) and everyone gets to dance including C3PO before the whole cast sings “When You Wish Upon a Star” (I would say this was a cheap Disney tie in but this was years before that). And finally, Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker appear at the end to say goodbye. Together. Sounds crazy? Believe me, if I didn’t watch the clips I wouldn’t believe it either. But this episode is just…beyond amazing. I could nitpick and say the “story” feels more like a Star Trek story….but this is so nuts, so crazy, and so out there…that I LOVE IT!!!

The link is for the whole episode, which is sooooo worth watching just to witness this. Watch it HERE



There were things I missed I am sure. In fact I just discovered this gem from The Academy Awards. It should really be on this list. See it HERE

There was also the Star Wars Holiday Special but I decided that at best that merely deserved a mention since it is a “Star Wars” product. Besides that whole special was a very unique kind of crazy and believe it or not R2D2 and C3PO are hardly even in it.’



My friends, I got this idea and felt like a kid writing this one. I hope you liked it and if there is anything I missed, let me know.

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