Hello Expressionists this is Jackson and yeah it’s been awhile since you’ve seen anything new from me. All the stuff you’ve seen from me has been reposts. I have been quite lazy this summer. I did practically nothing except play some games and relaxed. I was writing a review of Watch Dogs back in early June, but the move from the old site drained my energy and I haven’t gone back to writing any new articles. But that will change very soon. I’m working on a crossover with Moviefan12 right now and I have some new ideas for articles.

Watch Dogs Review: Yes I will try to finish this and in a way it works out better because I’ve beaten the game 3 times and have done all the optional missions even the exclusive ones and have gotten all the weapons. So I have a much better understanding of the game now then when I first started writing it.

Final Fantasy VI Review: After Watch Dogs this will probably be the one I write next because this needs to be done in 2014 to celebrate the game’s 20th Anniversary and it is one of my favorite games of all time and my favorite Final Fantasy!

Top 13 Best Disney Speeches/ Dialogues: This is going to be an interesting one where I count down the Disney speeches and dialogues that struck the biggest, thematic and emotional chord with me.

So that’s about it for this update. There will also be reposts in between these new articles just so that I can finish getting everything transferred over which I am a bout halfway through. See you guys next time!

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