She was a sign of the stars, a lead to the afterlife. For that her being is nothing but stars. In others tales, the young goddess was oddly seen as a bird, an ostrich, for the being of baring a large egg of life to give to those welcoming of new world.

But never if the Feather of Truth told loudly and anger of that a sinner in the travels of the underworld. With no choice of being handed to Ammit, without a second glance.

It was an emotion patterns she was somewhat gratefully handed down by her parents. Anput and Anubis, keepers of death of the sands and beginning of the afterlife.

Being highly warn of how her father was in his younger centuries. Mostly from her mother, Anput. For that took form of a snake. A sign that sent her father rigged. Laughter would be heard now and then. Anubis would just ignored her.

For it was just way of saying Kebechet didn’t approve of her dog form willing as her father. Only donning the image when a great leader of the sands come to the gates of the afterlife.

Sharing few words as workers. Long chats as father and daughter. For coming to the understanding of why she was given her very name.

Cooling waters.

Water of the purest kind riving down the dry throats of travels of the underworld. Yet cooling as ice, a light pain that marks its way down, that should never be forgotten.

Young little Kebechet may overpassed, not watchfully be well-known as others before her. But the role of Gate Keeper of the Afterlife is not something to just second glance at.

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