Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. Today, I’m introducing a new segment here on A Look at Disney. Simply called My Idea. What is My Idea, well it’s where I get to do some Imagineering of my own as I take a film that doesn’t have an attraction in the parks and try to come up with a ride idea. From first revealing the film what Park I’d put in and what Land it should go in, coming up with a Ride Name, Ride Type & Vehicle Type, Key Moments which moments should be included. Queue Line/Waiting Area, what I think should be done here and whether or not this part should be themed. Fastpass, where I determine whether or not I think this ride should have a Fastpass and for those that may not know, I’ll go over what this, when get there and finally, Chances of This Ride Happening, where I determine whether or not this ride could actually be built. So now that I have gone over how I’ll be doing this, let’s get started.





Okay, so yeah, the title revealed what the film is. It’s Tangled. Now there are a few reasons as to why I chose this film for the first installment of My Idea. First my other favorite movie, Dumbo already has a great ride in the parks. And I find it best to start a new segment with something you love and I LOVE Tangled. Seriously, I’d go far as to say I enjoy it more then most of the ’90s Disney films and well, here is the big reason.

The tower is now in The Magic Kingdom. I was thrilled when I saw this until I learned that building a restroom area next to it. Look, we need restrooms but so much more could be done with Tangled and true, there may not be room for a new ride just yet and the tower is a nice start.

Park & Land

Okay, this is easy to figure out. I mean if you look at the film, I chose. It should give you an indicator. I’d put it in The Magic Kingdom at Disney World and perhaps Disneyland as well and Land, well that should also be obvious. I’d put it in Fanstayland. That is the most logical land to put it in as it is fairy tale movie and Fanstayland is all about the fairy tales.

Ride Name

Coming up with a Ride Name is one of the hardest things I feel I’ll face with this new segment as I don’t want to be lazy and just rely on using the film’s title. Some rides do use the character’s name such as take for example, Peter Pan’s Flight or Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.

Now I know for my ride name that I wanted to include the main character’s name. So, it’d be something with Rapunzel in the title. Now I could go lowbrow and make a pun and do something like Hair Raising Adventure but I’d rather respect the film and not do that. So instead, my poetnial name idea is something simple like either The Adventures of Rapunzel or Rapunzel’s Journey. Now I’m leaning towards the latter. So yeah, Rapunzel’s Journey. Not the greatest name for a ride but this is the hardest part of this segment in my mind. Perhaps over time, I’ll get better at it. The name of the ride should give you a basic idea of what the ride is about and while I like my ride names, I don’t think they do that but it’s a slow start.

Ride Type & Vehicle Type

Now unlike coming up with a ride name, coming up with the ride type and vehicle type was rather easy. I think this ride should be a Dark Boat Ride. Now to break it down further, a Dark Ride is type of ride where the passengers are guided through speficially lit scenes. Most of the rides that are found in Fanstayland are Dark Rides but to take it another step further, I think it should be a Dark Boat Ride. A Dark Boat Ride is the same basic idea as a dark ride but instead, your in a boat. Now the best & most well known example of a Dark Boat is It’s A Small World.

Now I think you can also figure out with this being a Dark Ride, I would want to use Audio-Animatronics for this attraction’s scenes. Those are the characters or robotic characters, if you will that you see on these types of rides. Now as for the ride vehicle, that should be easy to figure out as I kinda already mentioned what it is, when I said what type of ride it should be. It should be a boat. Why a boat? Well, there are a few reasons. First off, when thinking of vehicles for Tangled, my mind automatically goes to boats. Mainly because of I See The Light.

Now as to accommodate riders, the boats would be more like the ones found on Small World or Pirates of The Caribbean.

Now something else that I consider for the ride is how some of the vehicles have a logo or symbol that ties itself into both the film and the ride and I had three that came to mind. The first one being the Sun that we see on the flags, when Rapunzel and Flynn get to the Kingdom.

I can’t explain this but when I think of symbols from Tangled, this is what I think of. As to me this is what I think of for symbols for Tangled. Now there is one other thing that I think might work as a symbol for this ride. That being The Floating Lantern.

Which these are going to be mentioned a lot throughout this article. I’d thought about including The Healing Flower but I wanted to narrow it down to just two and I think that the Sun and the Floating Lanterns are the best.

Key Moments

Now in my opinion, this is perhaps the most crucial part of this experiment. As a lot of Dark Rides found in Fanstayland are condensed versions of the film that they are based on. Now I think before the ride even gets started, you should start with prologue of Baby Rapunzel, Mother Gothel at the flower and Little Rapunzel.

And then, I’d have the boat go through tower doors and the first scene, your hit with is When Will My Life Begin.

And as much as I hate this song, you do also need to include a bit of Mother Knows Best.

Because as much as I hate this song, I actually think that some creative things could be done with it. They could seriously make it really dark and give it that creepy undertone that you can get from rides like these. Now the next scene, I think that should be included is not a song number but I seriously think that Flynn’s first appearance in the ride should be when he is tied up in the chair.

Just think of what the Imagineers could do with Rapunzel’s hair in a sequence. That is the big reason, I chose this scene as this and one other upcoming scene, I feel like the Imagineers could get really creative with Rapunzel’s hair. The next sequence for the ride, I think should most certainly be I’ve Got A Dream in The Snuggly Duckling.

And if we’re going to include this number, they really need to find a way to include this. Now our next moment that should be included on the ride ties back into what I said about Rapunzel’s hair being something I think the Imagineers could have a lot of fun with.

See with this, I’d want this part of the ride to feel like you were actually underwater with Rapunzel and Flynn and hear The Healing Song and see young & old awe as they see Rapunzel’s hair glow. Seriously just the allusion of being underwater, I think is an awesome idea but to add the effect of Rapunzel’s hair glowing, I honestly think that this would become the WOW moment of the ride. The scene that sticks with them, long after they get off the ride. Now the next big moment for the ride is I See The Light.

Now with this sequence, I don’t know it could be pulled off but I’d most certainly want to have The Floating Lanterns float up above the passengers to give it that majestic feel to it. Now as for the next sequences, we need a bit of tension and there are 3 great moments for tension that come up. First when Rapunzel tries to stand up to Gothel, Flynn being tied up to the boat. Flynn dying as Rapunzel tries to save him.

And then, we end the ride with Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding from Tangled Ever After

Queue Line/Waiting Area

Now you may not think that Queue Line is not all that important to the ride. Because your just standing there, waiting in line to go on the ride. Well, at other theme parks, that is true but not Disney parks as with some of their rides, they like to make it part of the ride going experience. Take for example, The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, where they have activities for the guests to keep them occupied while they wait. Yeah, it’s mainly for the little ones but nothing wrong with that.

Now I don’t think you could actually make interactivity feasible for my Tangled ride unless you tried to include something with frying pans but I don’t know what you could do. Though in a way to tie it in, I’d like to see the Queue Line start off with the guests in the kingdom and as they get closer to the ride, they are walking towards the tower indicating they are getting close to the start.


For this section, I’m taking a look at whether or not, I think this ride would need Fastpass. For those that may not know. Fastpass allows guests to avoid long lines by going up to Fastpass machines that rides that have them, put in their tickets and it gives them a designated time to return to ride and that way, they can bypass waiting in long lines. Now as for this ride, would it need Fastpass? Yes! Why, a few reasons, if it opened, it would be a new ride that everyone would want to go on and so the park would have to try and keep that organized. Secondly, it’s based on Tangled, a new and quite popular film that has many fans but let’s save that for the next segment. So, I would say that Fastpass would be needed for this ride.

Chances of This Ride Happening

Do I think this ride could actually happen? Yes… but not right now! As you see while Tangled is popular and Disney is starting to give repersantion in the parks. I’m not sure there is any room in the parks as of right now for it to be built and I’m not sure Disney wants to do any big undertakings, especially with New Fanstayland. So, I do think a Tangled ride could work. Would I be upset if it wasn’t a Dark Boat Ride? No because if a Tangled ride was actually built in the parks, I’d be screaming with joy because I love this movie so much that any type of Tangled ride would be awesome. Let me know what you think of My Idea and if you have any ideas for movies that don’t have attractions, let me know. The only stipulation is that is cannot be a film that had a ride/attraction in the parks in the past. It needs to be a film that hasn’t had a ride or attraction in the parks. So stuff 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and maybe The Lion King are out as The Lion King has a stage show in Animal Kingdom and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is now Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage. Other then that, I’m open to any suggestions.

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