Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs and The Following

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Jake Berenson, Ryan Hardy, Esplin 9466, and Joe Carroll (as Esplin’s host)

Relationships: None

As my tiger morph finished, I just reveled in the strength. The tiger didn’t care about Rachel. It didn’t care that I had sent my own cousin to her death. Its only concern at the moment was the Grizzly bear. I had directed my own thoughts to be in line with the animal so that it would be easier to control. I wouldn’t mess up this fight. I would finally kill this Yeerk that had caused me and so many others pain.


I let out a growl and prepared to jump at Esplin.


I still admire your feline morph. Esplin said, seeming to be at total ease. I have acquired one myself, but I felt this morph better suited for fighting you.


Of course Esplin would want to use the morph that caused me emotional pain for this fight. He was the kind of monster that would want you to beg for death before dying. Unless he was in a bad mood. Another growl left my mouth as I jumped at him.


Esplin managed to move away just in time to get away from the majority of my tiger body. The only part of my body that he let hit him was the side of my body with his outstretched Grizzly bear claws. It caused a little scratch on my body which made me yell out in pain.


But only until I landed on the floor and turned quickly to face the former Visser. He let out a loud roar through his mouth and came at me. My mind flashed back to all the times I had seen Rachel fight with that morph. How she had been deadly in that morph. How I had learned to use each of my friends and so I had learned how best to use her.


Dammit! Now he was too close for me to lunge at him so I ended up turning my body so I just barely missed getting hit by him. I turned back to him as quickly as I could, hoping to get him before he could make another attack at me.


We hit each other at the same time. I going for his neck and him using his claws to grip into my sides. I managed to bite his neck but not before he had caused some damage to me. He threw me down as my attack was weakening him.


Looking at Esplin I tried to judge what would be the best way to kill him. I had to kill him so I would. I hadn’t gone looking for this fight, it had come to me. Though, I admitted to myself, having the chance to kill Esplin was beyond thrilling. The fact that I would get to kill him gave me energy and courage.


The fact that a man called Joe Carrol would also die didn’t bother me.


I roared loudly and lunged again at Esplin. Our fighting became more vicious and deadly as time went on. I couldn’t tell how long we had been fighting, only that for some reason I felt more alive than I had in years.


As we both paused fighting just to look at each other, I could taste victory. I could taste victory now like I could taste the blood coming out of my mouth. It would be good to end his life. As I lunged at him he grabbed my face and went down with me to the floor. I tried to let out a roar but I was too weak to do so.


Instead I attempted to attack the Yeerk with my paws, but each swing didn’t seem to affect him that much. I was too confused and weak to harm him now. I wasn’t going to win. This time there was no way out. Maybe that was for the better. I had changed too much for Cassie and I had changed too much to ever again be who I was before I had met Elfangor in the abandoned Construction Site. I had killed my cousin.


As the former Visser squeezed my tiger head with his bear paws, I closed my eyes. I accepted death and welcomed it. If there was some kind of afterlife, maybe Rachel would be there waiting for me. Maybe Tom would be standing next to her.


Just as I felt myself nearing death I heard a gunshot and then Esplin dropped me as he yelled. I rolled away weakly and looked up at him. One of his eyes was bleeding. I didn’t hesitate more than a second and then my jaws closed on Esplin’s neck and he went down.


I didn’t loosen my grip until he stopped all movements. I backed away and demorphed and then Ryan started shooting Esplin’s corpse. I should’ve been sad that an innocent man had died, but I wasn’t. I was just glad that the Yeerk had died.


“I waited!” Ryan yelled at the top of his lungs. “I waited for the perfect shot!”


When I had fully demorphed, Ryan had run out of bullets and had turned to kicking Esplin’s corpse.


All of Inbetween: The Works of Crayak  



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