Can’t say I’ve been quite productive over this past Summer, but hey it’s nice to get some relaxation. But a few major things did change, I made my first co-op blog in a long time (And I hope to make another sooner rather than later) and that is there is a new Manic Expression website up, but I wasn’t exactly too energetic in posting all my blogs over there when they asked. I will still be an active member of Manic-Expression though, and maybe post some old blogs eventually.

Right now, just a couple of things on my mind:

-I have been thinking about a blog that tackled the whole situation that transpired in Ferguson, Missouri that started with the unlawful shooting of Michael Brown but I’ve been having a hard time finding the right approach to it, and really want to make sure I’ve taken in most of the facts before I go full in. As well there is always more that will be said of it, will be hard to pin down a point in which I could say something big.

-Part of the reason you haven’t been seeing political blogs from me mostly because I have felt a bit frustrated on how some have decided to respond to when I take a firm political position. It most certainly will make if I ever decide to tackle Anita Sarkeesian and the issue of women representation in gaming again a bit of a struggle, something that has blown up again recently and I’m not certain if I have a large grasp to make an absolute statement just yet.

-I have been working on ideas for another Top List but plenty have been really hard to rank or hard to make a write up for.

-I am really thinking of a way to continue my Gem or Turd series, but haven’t quite thought of a really good subject just yet.

Not much else to really write except I’m always open to ideas and hey I am open to potential Co-Op blog partners, though as always would have to be a subject that will be fit. Just wanted to let people know where I am at and haven’t dropped off the surface, just wanted to take a bit of a break.

Lastly… Bangarang, Robin. (And hopefully no one will take this as in poor taste)

Source: kattnoir on Tumblr

RIP Robin Williams


And to not forget who else passed away recently

Source: That-Bearded Man on Tumblr

RIP Sir Richard Attenborough


End of Rant

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