Some would misjudge him,
Never take him as another person trying to make a voice,
He may come off as scary,
But goddamn it people,
He’s only human and you’re only looking skin deep.

If you want to loot someone’s crate,
Make it your own,
As to that thinking that bring down another makes you joyful,
You’ll forever be a miserable person,
Consider it or not,
I only speak the fucking truth.

Ox_Bigly is a funny guy,
He’s a got a temper but he uses it the right way,
A healthy way if you look hard enough.

His range of inner critic is what makes him a ball of entertaining laughs.

Take to one his shows,
I Eat Weird Crap,
Or IEWC in a short take.

If you were tell another meaning of those letters,
See it as this . . .

Really if those words don’t tell who he is,
Then you are missing out.

The giant teddy bear who just wants to be of something,
Luckily this place his home,
And I am glad to call him a friend and neighbor.

He’s just that awesome,
Deal with it.

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