-October 1 is the deadline for videos for the 500 Member Special. All members are welcome. Come on, everyone! We need more!

-There is now a rough cut for A Site in Scarlet, which will be released on our three year anniversary. Footage is still missing, and we will have to replace those who don’t turn in footage.

-There are still two spots open for The ABC’s of Manic Expression, which will be our fourth year movie. Those interested in contributing a 2-5 short film for the movie can talk to Chilton.

-SomeJerkFromBoston and James are working on the 2nd and 3rd drafts of the scripts for the animated movie at the same time to speed along the process. A little sample of something from the movie may be released soon.

-Please put up your avatars.

-When posting a blog select the “read more” option so the whole blog doesn’t in the blog section.

-Remember to post a featured image.

-All are welcome on the Manic Expression Springboard channel.

-Ads that pay out directly to producers are on the way.

-From The Creature: Manic Expression’s 31 Days of Halloween: 2014 Edition is only One Month away.

-From That Wrestling Guy:What a Story Productions is still looking for contributors for our Weird Al One More Minute Review Series.

We’re making a review of EVERY Weird Al song ever recorded, including any songs during his appearances on TV. If you’d like to be involved message Ota-kun or myself for more information.

From Moviefan12:Still need contributions for the fourth year anniversary and I’ll extend the turn in for the songs to September 15th.

From Jashykins:Jash Talks is now slightly more organized. After the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy episode I have a Doctor Who and Terminator 2: Judgment Day episodes planned.

If anyone would like to be a guest in the Doctor Who episode just contact me (remember you need a Skype and Google+ account plus the ability to use Google+ Hangouts).

Already have a guest for Terminator 2 episode but if you really want to be in it just contact me.

From The Man With No Chin:I wanna start a new site podcast where we pick certain blogs to use as topics and I need people for it, maybe around three or so. It’s ultra simple. We’ll have a panel and each member of the panel will pick a blog off the front page (let’s keep it limited to video or text blogs. Discussing the podcasts on a podcast would be a bit redundant) and then we’ll segway that topic of that particular blog into a broader discussion. Anyone whose interested should message me.

From T-Kun Unusual Wordsmith III:Just thought to ask people if there topics I haven’t done in poem form, they would like me to give a try. Don’t let shyness keep you from saying it, I like to hear it.

Got a few poem ideas that I thought if people are up for it, to help partake, nothing big. PM if someone will like to.

A warning for some preplanning on some blogs, that unknowing to others, will be a bit out of order, felt bad for not warning from the last time . . . but this time I am.

Requests for Paint a Picture is also welcome, answer back anyway one likes to, just please leave title of painting, artist, and year it was made. Please and thank you.

Other than that, just tell others to have a nice day. That’s all I got. Later!

From Decker Shado:My plans in September are probably the most mundane of the year.. I’m finishing THE SUMMER OF HELLRAISER and doing 3 more reviews, completely unrelated, leading up to bigger plans for October. No, not Gamerathon 3, that was moved to April 2015 remember? So.. October, still pushing Gamerathon 3 fundraising, reviewing movies in general, one of which I actually haven’t figured out yet.

Such plans. Much Patreon. So Manic. Wow.

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