Issued 176


“I did not men to offend you Parkland,” Rick continued, “I just want to make a point that we are sometime think that there is always an answered for everthing if we just look for it. And sometime there is. Other time there isn’t. The man in red fall in that category of things that cannot  be explain  no matter how much we tried to look   for an answer. There just arrant any. I seen the man in red. But who is and how he came to be is something I will never have an answer for.


“Did you even saw him again after that?”


“No, but then again I don’t think it matter. His present is felt all over this Island. and in a good way.” Rick explains.  “But you aready know that , do you Parkland.”


“Call me P,” Parkland said cooly while looking down at the road. She was about to head off when she stop and looked over her shoulder; giving Rick one last glide.


“Thank you for helping my grandmother, and—taking the time to talk to me.”


Anytime,” Rick said happy as he watch Parkland   walked down the sidewalk  heading back to her uncle.


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer  T-Kun U.W.S.III


2014 Manic

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