“I’m glad you came through to help, but at this moment, it’s best you three to head on home. Your friend needs rest and when she comes through, hopefully she’ll come back. Until then, go home.”

As those words slip from the nurse, as he pushed the young ones out the room, leaving space for an officer to head in.

Parkland’s mother called out to them to come along, same tone as she said before when she wanted answers. It was going to be a long day.

Zam gave a glance over his right shoulder, worry on his face for his sister, but swallowed any words of discomfort because of it.

Once outside in the parking lot, with the hiss of the sliding doors shut, the kids finally meant up with Mrs. Monkey.

“Nice to see you again, Kate? Though, like this, a little not all that shocking.”

Kate gave a small grin, with the fondness in mind.

“I wasn’t thinking that much as well, but oh well. She’s going to be okay, right?”

With a smile, sadness not hard to miss: before adding with a thoughtful tone. “Yes, in the morning, she’ll be okay. And hopefully a little better adjusted with everything.”

With quickly unlocking the car’s doors, they sat in.

“Okay, what are you kids up to? Really, you have been spinning around me for awhile.” She stated, glancing over to Kate, with speaking the last bit to her. “You no doubt understand to what I am speaking about do you?”

Kate just shrugged, looking to the boys for some help.

Zam just looked out the window, lost to everything.

Alan looking at his hands, folded over each other in his lap, sitting the middle, doing his best to not take in anything. Which meant the prying eyes the elder woman in front of him, frowning like a smaller child, he knew better to become.

“It’s just a game, mom, and Park got a little bang-up. We’ll be careful, promise.”

“I’ll believe that, when this doesn’t become a regular thing. Right now, we’re going home and taking Kate home. Understand?”

The three nodded their heads.

“Kate, did you move to a new home or is it the one before.”

“Yep, no one ever fully bought it and it was mostly rented. So, yeah . . . things those are always things.”

“Right . . . okay.”

The End.

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