Issued 175


I quickly ran outside  and headed to your grandmother house.  before I had gotten to the door; it had open on its own; allowing me to run in. And run in I did. Went right toward the back yard were your grandmother was lying. She was concourse but was unable to move or speak. Realizing what had happen I called paramedic and stood by her side comforting her as best as possible. As for the man he was nowhere in sent. And doing that moment his present did seem to matter.  When the cops came in they had their guns held high. Some had called the police telling them someone had broke inside the house yet once they saw you grandmother they quickly came to her aide.


“So what else had happen?” Parkland asks while giving Rick his full attention.


“Lots of things,” Rick continued, “ For starter I had stay at your grandmother said all the way to the hospital. Even had call your mother in which in turn was at your grandmother’s bed side the next day. She thank me and scene then we had keep in contact with each other form time to time.


“My Mom had give you her phone number.” Parkland said not beliving her mom would give her phone number to a compact stranger.


Rick smile before going into his pocket,  and after pressing a view buttons on his phone  he tossed it to Parkland who court it with her right hand, “dose that number  looks formulator?”


“Humm,” Parkland grunted while glaring angrly at the phone before tossing it back to Rick.  “I guest I had to add that to the list of thing I need to asks my mom when I get home.”


“Humm,” Rick said with a smile. “You’re having a loving family that really cares for each other. If fact I remember you mother getting into a heated augment when she was trying to confuse your grandmother to move back to the city. Well you know how that turns out. Your grandmother stay put but you uncle had movie  from Houston to be close to her and I myself cheack in on her form time to time.


“-The man in red,” Parkland said quickly not wanted to hear anymore about her family, how do you know for sure it was him and not some guy from the street?”


“I don’t; I just know it was him. It had to be him. He wanted me to see me. And he was the one who had led me to your grandmother.  And afte he had came and went both in and out of my house; I doubt that a normal man could do what he had done.”


“And I will say this,” Rick continued, “I think in some part of your mine you believe he excise t, but too stubin s to admit it.


“Speak for yourself , sap, Parkland, “you don’t know how I feel.”


“But Im am wrong?”


“You know nothing?”


“Im am wrong?”


“Go to hell!”


“Im am wrong,”


At that point Parkland had stay nothing and it wasn’t because she was angry at Rick. She did not want to admit to him that she indeed  belive that the man in red exsent.


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-kun U.W.S III

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