Issued 174


. I was sung  this man who looked fithly was standing at my door and for the light of me I could not see how that wa possible  there was no one in the street and by I would have kown if someon would had pass me  yet there was was looking at me in a way. That told me I was not dealing with a normal man.


Beigni was really angry at that  punt I’ve ask the man what the hell he was doing but suddenly he turn around and headed in side witbh out said a word t me. I curst at him. And run inside before he seal of damage something inside but once I had entered inside the. Found that the man was already at the other side of the room; standing outside the fire escape. This surpise be because we was not too far apart from each other  and we should be face to face. Yet  he was at the other side of the room scare at me with  throw dead eyes.


That when I started to cursing at him as  a quickly ran toward him  but just as I entered the fire escape I found myself standing alone and the man was now standing in your grand mother back yard.  I was taken by this. ther was no ladder and it was good  20 feet yet up from the ground.  Yet there he was. In your grandmother back yard scaring right at me. I also notic someone laying beside him and once I ralize who it was I quicky ran  outside  and headed to your grandmother house.


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer  T-Kun U.W III


2014 Manic

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