This site thrives on both the old guard and the new blood to survive. I talk about our founding members often. What would Manic Expression be without the FanFic Critic, BigBlackHatMan, Timdiana, Whyboy, Ratin8tor, Fusionator, Kyle, Patricia, Jockerlee, and on and on?

But every now and then someone shows up at this site and shows such enthusiasm and energy that they instantly feel like a member of the family. That’s how I feel about Moderately Annoyed Canadian.

From day one I knew there was something special about this guy. When he signed up I asked him if he needed anything, like a channel or whatever. He was so excited to be a part of this community that his enthusiasm was infectious. At a time when my energy was low and my tank felt empty, his excitement got me excited again.

Since he signed up here, MAC (ha! Just realized those were the initials) and I have stayed in touch regularly. He started coming to me with ideas to help the site. He wanted to pass out fliers at a festival he’d be attending. He planned on proudly wearing some Manic Expression gear. He kept throwing out ideas on how to get our name out there, and every time I received an email from him I knew that when I opened it I’d feel the way I did the day I started this site: Filled with hope and convinced that the potential of this place was unlimited.

When MAC asked to become a moderator I gladly granted his request. On a team like ours you need people who believe in the cause, and it was clear that MAC did. He recognized what we strive for here at Manic Expression: A site where everyone has a voice and can express themselves without fear or being trolled and bullied. He believed in what we were doing, and he wanted to be a part of it.

I’ve seen a lot of hate out there in The Web. I’ve seen it directed at strangers, at friends, at myself. I see it and I always wonder, “Why?” Why can’t every site be like Manic Expression? Why must so many sites be overrun by those who thrive on anger and the torment of others?

MAC asks this same question, and I’m glad to say that he doesn’t have an answer. He doesn’t understand that kind of cruelty because he doesn’t possess an ounce of it himself. That’s why I’m so proud to count him among our members.

You’re a good man, Moderately Annoyed Canadian.

Everyone should support MAC’s website, which we are proud to call a partner.

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