Animorphs was my first series, my first fandom, that I really got into. The whole series is more grownup and dark than a lot of YA series that have come out recently. It explores the moral grey area of numerous issues. So a lot of us Fanimorphs (Animorphs fans) wonder why it’s not more popular.

Of course one of those reasons is probably the covers.

While the series is dark and mature, the covers…not so much. I never had a problem with the covers and always found them wonderful myself. But many people online and offline have stated that they stayed away from the series because of the covers. In fact, they were surprised how dark the series got. How the series didn’t paint the bad guys (aka Yeerks) as pure evil and the good guys (aka Andalites) as the saviors of Earth.

Every character goes through an arch that changes them from the beginning, but you couldn’t tell that by the covers.

So if you didn’t pick up the series when it was first released (either because you weren’t born yet and/or the covers) do so now. It’s a really awesome series that a sci-fi fan, and/or anyone interested in what good YA fiction should include, needs to check out.

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