Issued 173


“Okay parkland said while still grinning, “Explain.”


“Well in guest I better start  on the day your grandmother movie in the, “ Rick said clamly while sitting in his chair.she was bing help by one of the movers when I came outside just ot see who it was that was moving in the lat Jeff white house. man did she had a lot of stuff.”


“Parkland smile when Rick made throw comments,”


In any cast your grandmother and I never really spoken to each other,  just a formally hello and nothing more. And to to honest I was okay for that for Cubin and Puerto Rican don’t really see things eye to eye.


“You   don’t say,” Parkland said who was a bit taken by this comment.”


“Course all that had change that faithful day when I went outside to get my mail and take in cool air this island once every three mouth. And as I was taking the quietness of my neighborhood, when suddenly I had gotten the strang aurg to turn around. And when I did I saw tis man dress in the drtiyest of coloat staning inside my door looking right at me.


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.W.III

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