Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney, it’s been a while since I’ve done a Sofia review and well, it’s time for another one as we take a look at Princesses To The Rescue! With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Episode Title

Princesses To The Rescue!

Note the exclamation point at the end of this title, this episode is about how girls can be brave and strong and reverses the idea of the damsel in distress as our titular princesses have to say their brothers and fathers from a mean Jaguar that is very protective of his horde of treasure. Not bad and it does make as to why, this would be the episode would be the one to feature Mulan.

The Plot

Sofia and her family are visiting the kingdom of Wei-Ling visiting with fellow students, Jin and Jun. Soon, James and Jin discover a treasure map and head off to find this treasure but however, this treasure is guarded by the Jaded Jaguar and soon, the boys are trapped by the Jaguar. They go to tell their fathers but while they go looking for them, they end up in the same trap as their sons. Meanwhile back at the palace, Sofia is too worried enjoy herself and the royal adviser of Wei-Ling is also worried. And shows our three princesses , a secret passage to get to the cave where the Jaguar is holding their family. Oh, and he gives Amber a special jungle helmet that is designed with a tiara.

That so fits Amber’s personality. The girls continue searching through the jungle and they come across a maze of warrior statues and they cannot across as it, as when they do the warriors move and block their path. They soon get help from a brave warrior , who soon reveals herself to be Mulan.

I don’t know if this was intentional but these statues made me think of the Terracotta Warriors. I’m going to assume it was though.

And through song, Mulan helps the young princesses discover that they can go on as Amber and Jun but mostly Amber didn’t think and Sofia was going to also give up in that moment. (And Lea Salonga came voice to do the singing voice for Mulan. Marking her second appearance on Sofia The First). This is a great song and it again, it makes sense for Mulan to appear here. As she said, she didn’t give up so easily and the young girls shouldn’t do that either. And after the song, Mulan sends the three girls on their way as she knows, that they don’t need their help to get past any obstacle. Mulan, you have a sword and protection. Look, let’s say that jaguar gets unruly, you could use the sword against it. I get the message but you could’ve been a great help to the girls. Still, I applaud the message in this song and this episode as a whole.

After leaving Mulan, the girls continue their trek through the jungle and come across some moths but Amber leads the girls in using their fans to fan them away and then they come across a body of water and Sofia spots the secret passage to the Jaguar’s cave but their are giant lizards and it appears that they are going to attack them but Jun takes out a piccolo and plays music and the girls are able to ride the lizards across the to the secret passage.

What I like about this is that each of the three girls get a moment to show they can contribute to the trek. And now, it’s Sofia’s turn. She tricks the Jaguar into chasing her and gets him stuck in the secret entrance and reasons with the Jaguar, that if he’ll let her family go, they’ll leave his treasure alone.

After getting the Jaguar unstuck, Sofia along with Jun and Amber get their family out of the trap and they head back to the palace, where there is a fireworks show and it ends with a special treat as Sofia, Jun, and Amber’s faces appear in the night sky. All in all, this was a great episode and a good message for young girls.


Main Characters

Sofia voiced by Ariel Winter

This episode once again showed what great lengths, Sofia is willing to go to for her family. Sure, Amber and Jun may have wanted to give up at certain points such as the warrior maze but they kept on trekking.

Amber voiced by Darcy Rose Byrnes

Amber was good in this episode and that may just be one of my favorite shots because that helmet so fits, Amber’s personality. Now as for Amber in the episode, she was more of a doubter than her little sister but that makes sense as she hasn’t really done big adventures like these on her own. The closest is probably the Christmas episode, ironically, where they were also trying to look for their dad but unlike here, Amber had her mom and James to rely on, whereas here, Sofa, Amber and Jun only had the three of each other to rely on and no adults. That’s pretty daunting for a kid.

Jun voiced by Michaela Zee

Jun didn’t really seem to have that much to do but she served her purpose well and actually got some personality in this episode as I think was her first leading role in an episode.

Supporting Characters

James and Jin voiced by Zach Callison & J.J. Totah

After being captured, the boys really didn’t have much to do in the episode.

Roland and Quon voiced by Travis Willingham & James Sie

The same is pretty much true of the kings. Though, its’ clear that they clear about their kids and would do anything for them. Albeit, they ended up in the same trap as their sons and had to rely on their daughters to save them.

Mulan voiced by Ming-Na Wen, Singing Voice: Lea Salonga

Mulan’s appearance was cool in this episode, it was a nice touch to see her in her armor and the idea of using her to send the message of , you are”Stronger than You Know” makes so much sense, when thinking about her character because Mulan proved that she can do anything a boy can and saved China in the process.



Stronger Than You Know

When I first heard this song on TV, it didn’t leave much of an impression on me but after listening to it, multiple times for this review. It’s really good. Not my favorite song of season 2 but it’s such a good message and it is married up with the right character fro this message. Also, this song and it’s title reminds me of this quote from Christopher Robin.

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

And honestly, that quote fits into this episode and it’s message perfectly. Because the girls show they are strong and brave and smart. They had to be all three of these things in order to rescue their family.


Jade Jaguar – Voice Unlisted

I gotta say that I really like the design for the Jaguar and he made for a decent bad guy. As this type of villainy was more man vs. nature but he was redeemed in the end. Honestly, there is only one true villain on the show and I don’t think she’ll be redeemed anytime soon but as for the Jaguar. They did a good job of setting him up and showing how threatening, he could be.

My Final Thoughts

I’d been looking forward to this episode for a while now and it delivered. The Princess episodes are usually a lot of fun and some of the best episodes of the series as the show takes their time to think about, which princess would make sense for the story and just doesn’t plop them into an episode williy nilly. Saying that, this episode made sense for Mulan as the message is not to far removed from what she learned in her movie. Peace!


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